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Foreign Service Community and Contractors Abroad Insurance

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Our international insurance program, MissionsAbroad®, has provided customized automobile, household effects, and liability insurance solutions for diplomats, employees of embassies and consulates, state department, government employees and contractors of any nation, since 1947.

Coverage is available in over 170 countries.

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Car Insurance Worldwide

Our car insurance for Diplomats and Foreign Service community provides seamless protection while your automobile is transported and at-post. Coverage includes transit, comprehensive, collision, theft, and excess liability protection.

How Car Insurance Works Overseas

Coverage Highlights
  • Worldwide transit coverage
  • At-post coverage, including theft
  • Comprehensive and collision
  • All perils protection
  • Excess liability protection
  • Political violence protection

Household Effects Insurance

Our household effects insurance provides uninterrupted worldwide protection for your items while being transported, at-post, items left in storage, and while traveling. You’ll get full replacement cost coverage – no deprecation.

How Personal Property Insurance Works

Coverage Highlights
  • Worldwide transit coverage
  • At-post coverage, including theft
  • Government storage coverage
  • Travel coverage for your suitcase
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Personal liability protection

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Foreign Service Officer

Excellent. [Clements] over my last several years has always accomplished the impossible… getting car insurance overseas. Also was extremely helpful in making sure I was able to access policies in USA so coverage was always available. You need people who can always help you. Clements thanks for years of coverage in remote countries.. the foreign service loves you.

Foreign Service Member in Asia

The representative was patient, answered all my questions, offered advice, explained my policy fully to me, and took care of everything we needed with our emergency during our transit.

Diplomat in China & Jamaica

I’ve had great experiences with Clements both for this post in China and a previous assignment in Jamaica a while back. Thank you and I will be contacting you in the future again, I’m sure.

Diplomat in Denmark

The Clements Team have been fantastic. This is the second problematic move I’ve had. You expedited an insurance payment in a thoroughly professional and “painless” manner. Your dedicated team’s courteous service greatly alleviated a bad situation. I recommend Clements without reservation.

Diplomat in Japan

Once again, many thanks and much appreciation for your prompt and efficient service. We are delighted to have so quickly received our insurance claim payment and are especially impressed by how smoothly and expeditiously you made this happen.

Diplomat in Kazakhstan

We have been very pleased with Clements Insurance and plan to purchase a policy again as soon as we have obtained a vehicle at our next post, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Diplomats in international discussions overseas.

Resources for GCLOs and Administrators

Find all the Diplomat and Foreign Service insurance information and resources you need with Clements Worldwide. We’ve been providing insurance solutions to the Foreign Service, diplomats, government contractors, and embassy staff around the globe since 1947.

Foreign Service

The service has always been there for me, quick issues or complicated questions, they are always ready and eager to help, by taking care of the customers with understanding, patience and friendliness.

– Diplomat in Mexico

Personal Insurance

During our last move, the unthinkable happened: the container carrying everything we owned was lost at sea. Clements was responsive, professional and supportive throughout the experience.

– Diplomat in Egypt

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