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International Commercial Cargo and Transit Insurance

What Does International Transit & Cargo Insurance Cover?

International transit and cargo insurance can protect your goods from origin to destination for damage caused by risks including:

  • Warehouse damage
  • War and terrorism
  • Piracy
  • Hijacking

Assets in transit or storage exposed to these types of liabilities can negatively impact critical business operations, especially with ongoing supply chain disruptions.

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Benefits of Flexible International Transit Insurance

Unlike other providers, Clements can cover your cargo in high-risk places like Iraq, Afghanistan, or Africa. We understand the unique risks and underwriting issues involved and can provide comprehensive, flexible transit coverage. No matter the size of your shipment, our customized solutions can fit your needs and budget.

Our policies can extend to cover war on land, any type of transfer, and full war and terrorism coverage.

International Cargo Insurance Coverage Options

Clements Worldwide international transit and commercial cargo insurance coverage includes:

Single or one-off transits

Open cargo: all risks

Door-to-door coverage

Warehouse-to-warehouse policies

Blanket policies for worldwide shipments

All modes of conveyance: land, sea, and air

Stand-alone war and terrorism on land in high-risk locations

Worldwide coverage, including transit through hazardous routes (land and sea)

Get a Flexible International Cargo Insurance

Clements specialists will work with you to provide transit and cargo insurance that can protect your property and keep your business on track.
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