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International Group Disability Insurance

Accidents Happen. Be Prepared.

Having an accident is bad enough, but when it happens far away from home, it can be scary and expensive for employees.

That’s why Clements Worldwide designed our International Group Disability Insurance to help protect your overseas staff if accidents or illness affect their ability to work temporarily or permanently.

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Help Your Employees Keep Afloat While They Recover  

Clements Group Disability Insurance will pay a percentage of an employee’s salary if they are unable to work. This can be offered as a standard benefit or as a voluntary benefit where employees pay for additional protection based on their financial obligations, including mortgages that would need to be paid or loved ones to be supported.  Additionally, employees can work in other jobs and still receive benefits if an accident or illness means they can’t continue in their own occupation. 

Employees Are Covered Wherever They Go

Flexible Coverage That Travels

Our plan covers overseas staff even if they move between countries. Using our simple application process, employees can get help wherever they are outside of their home country.

Benefits Include:

Coverage of up to 100% of salary or $20,000 per month

Benefit period options for 12 to 120 months for temporary disability

Benefits of up to 5X annual salary or $750K for permanent disability

No medical underwriting or medical tests required for some policies

Waiting periods options

War and terrorism insurance included

Note: Employees are required to be actively at work to apply for group disability insurance. Preexisting conditions will not be covered during the first 30 months of policy ownership.

Help Employees Recover with a International Group Disability Insurance

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