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Corporate Relocation Insurance

Short-Term Housing Insurance & Transit Coverage for Your Global Workforce

We make global talent mobility easy! Corporate Relocation Insurance provides personal property and liability coverage for employees relocating abroad.

For over 20 years, we have helped relocation management companies (RMCs) and businesses with a mobile workforce by offering three types of insurance coverage:

  • Short-term rental
  • Group global renters
  • International transit
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Corporate relocation insurance enables employee mobility.

Short-Term Rental Insurance

Temporary Housing Insurance with Higher Limits

This is a type of short-term rental insurance coverage with higher limits and levels of protection than traditional renters insurance. Sometimes referred to as temporary housing insurance, this coverage is held by the corporate housing provider or property management with the tenant listed as an additional insured party. Coverage is transferred to newly named tenants and tracked with our easy ReloApp.
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Short-Term Housing Insurance Provides Coverage for:

Tenant’s personal belongings

Personal liability

Accidental damage to the property/unit protection

Bedbug remediation

And more

Group Global Renters Insurance

One Policy for Your Global Group Home Insurance Needs

We work with the parties involved in corporate relocation including relocation managers, relocation management companies (RMCs), RMCs working on behalf of employers, and directly with international employers to provide group-level coverage for expatriate employees throughout the world. Typically, these group rates are lower than individual policies.

This insurance policy is held by the employer/business.

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Group Renters Insurance Provides Coverage for Named Employees Including:

Personal unscheduled property for employees

Option for employees to add scheduled property

Personal liability

Identity theft

International Transit Insurance

Protects Employees’ Belongings While in Transit

Transit insurance coverage protects your employees’ household goods while in transit to their destination aboard. We work with you to provide solutions specific to your needs and geographical location.

Why Should You Get Corporate Relocation Insurance?

With risk as an inevitable part of life, insurance is a great resource to secure a stable future and peace of mind for both you and your employees.

Case Studies

Consider these scenarios where our coverage helped our clients recover quickly. These are just two examples of the importance of having the right coverage in place abroad. Just one event can have major consequences, so it is important to plan ahead and protect your assets and your employees.
Personal property insurance protects valuable belongings.

Employee Recovers Losses from Break-In for Less Than the Cost of a Cup of Coffee Per Day

An employee residing in corporate housing returned from dinner one night to discover she had fallen victim to a break-in, her door forced open.

The burglars stole electronics and jewelry, including an engagement ring, with the wedding less than six months away. There was also extensive damage to the property’s walls, doors, floors, locks, and windows. The damage and property loss together totaled $4,100.  

Clements handled the claim quickly, replacing all the items, including the ring before the wedding day, and covering the unit’s property damage.

The insurance premiums for this coverage lasted three months and amounted to less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

Global renters insurance can protect employees from liability.

Clements Secures Lower Deposit Amount and Visa Extension for Family in China

A family residing in China, working for an international manufacturer, was preparing to return home in two weeks when they became entangled in a liability lawsuit.

The son was riding his scooter to the school bus stop in his expat community when he accidentally collided with a nanny. A police report was filed at the scene of the accident, and the officer determined the son was partially liable. Due to the severity of the nanny’s injuries, local courts required the family to deposit US$60,000 before leaving the country. 

Clements swiftly secured an attorney to represent the family and successfully negotiated a lower deposit amount. The family also faced the potential issue of their visas expiring before the deposit could be paid. However, the attorney managed to obtain a visa extension and promptly resolved the incident by working with the injured party.

Let Us Handle the Coverage So You Can Get Down to Business

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Why Choose Clements?

Easy Reporting & Invoicing

ReloApp’s technology makes monthly reporting easy by connecting via the Application Programming Interface (API) or uploading reports into the system.


Our long-standing relationships in the insurance industry allow us to negotiate the best rates for your corporate move. Clements has been in business since 1947 and has a long history of working with carriers to secure the best deals for our clients.


Clements has been providing international coverage since 1947 and international corporate relocation insurance for over 20 years.

Global Protection

Our coverage spans 170 countries, including high-risk locations.


Our clients benefit from our underwriting authority, as we can customize coverage to suit your needs thanks to our coverholder status with Lloyd’s of London.

Hassle-Free Claims

Our in-house claims handling ensures our clients are taken care of as quickly and easily as possible.

International Business Insurance for Your Organization

As a relocation management company, you know that moving your clients’ employees to new locations is a complex and challenging process. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable insurance partner, so you can focus on what you do best: helping your clients succeed.

Clements is a leading provider of international business insurance, and we offer a wide range of coverage options to meet the needs of your clients’ businesses. Whether they’re relocating to a new country or simply expanding their operations into new markets, we can help them protect their assets from a variety of risks.

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