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Military Overseas Car & Property Insurance

Serve Overseas with Peace of Mind

Serving overseas, or OCONUS (Outside the Continental US), is an honorable duty. While you’re out protecting the homeland, Clements, in partnership with GEICO Financial Services GmbH, can protect your car and other valuable belongings.

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Our Military Abroad program provides customizable overseas military vehicle insurance for members like yourself. Additionally, you can get affordable renters or personal property insurance to protect your valuables abroad.

Don’t speak the local language where you’re stationed? No worries. Our team can translate all local policies into English and ensure they meet your exact needs.

Car Insurance for Military Overseas (OCONUS)

We understand that your needs may change depending on where you are stationed, so we offer a variety of coverage options to fit your specific situation.

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We offer complete customizable car insurance in Germany for military members.  Don’t speak German? Our combined physical damage insurance (PD) and local third-party liability insurance (TPL) policies are provided in English to ensure your coverage aligns with your specific needs.

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Coverage Highlights

  • Physical Damage coverage
  • Local Third-Party Liability
  • US, UK, International, and EU licenses accepted
  • Worldwide transit coverage
  • English-speaking insurance documentation & customer service
  • USAREUR compliant
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We can customize your Italy insurance policy to cover everything from accidents, vandalism, floods, political violence and fire. Even if you don’t yet have your Italian or AFI plates. Our team partnered with GEICO to provide personalized services when you need them.

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Coverage Highlights

  • Third-Party Liability
  • Physical Damage key features include:
    • Transit coverage:  from departure to arrival
    • Vehicle protection: collision, theft, any damage
    • Political violence coverage
    • Towing and labor reimbursement
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United Kingdom

We offer overseas car insurance for military personnel serving in the UK in partnership with GEICO. We’ve been providing car insurance in the UK for US Military service members, diplomats, and expats since 1947. No matter the situation, we’re here to help.

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Three Coverage Options

  • Military members get specific discounts with three coverage options:
    • Comprehensive coverage (collision & other damages, including Third-Party Liability)
    • Third-Party Fire and Theft
    • Third-Party Liability only
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All our coverage options for Military overseas include essential insurance benefits. Take advantage of affordable rates, flexible payment options, English-speaking support, and improved protection with optional add-ons.

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Three Coverage Options

  • Military members discounts with customizable coverage levels:
    • Full comprehensive coverage (collision & other damages, including Third-Party Liability)
    • Third-Party Liability (3 options)
    • Enhanced protection with optional add-ons
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All Other Countries

Customizable Military Car insurance. Protect your vehicle while you protect your country. With the right military OCONUS auto coverage, you’re able to access comprehensive, international military car insurance when you need it the most.

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Coverage Highlights

  • Military members discounts with customizable coverage levels:
    • Overseas vehicle coverage, including theft
    • Worldwide transit coverage
    • Comprehensive and collision
    • All perils protection
    • Uninsured motorists protection
    • Excess liability insurance

For more information about Military insurance and the some country specific questions we tend to get, see our FAQs below.

Military Renters & Personal Property Insurance

Whether your personal property is in transit, in storage or in your home, your cherished belongings need protection. With our overseas insurance, in partnership with GEICO Financial Services GmbH, you can get your items replaced if the unexpected occurs.
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Coverage Highlights

From $60 / year

Worldwide transit coverage

Overseas property insurance

Valuable items insurance

Government storage coverage

Suitcase coverage

Replacement cost coverage

Military Member Posted in the UK

[The Clements staff ] was very helpful and patient all the way. I’ve always been with GEICO in the US and I’m glad they partnered with Clements for overseas tours because it didn’t feel like a big change or any major barriers. I got the policy minutes after I made the payment over the phone. The transaction was so smooth and I highly recommend this company.

Foreign Service Member in Asia

The representative was patient, answered all my questions, offered advice, explained my policy fully to me, and took care of everything we needed with our emergency during our transit.

Diplomat in Kazakhstan

We have been very pleased with Clements Insurance and plan to purchase a policy again as soon as we have obtained a vehicle at our next post, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Diplomat in Denmark

The Clements Team have been fantastic. This is the second problematic move I’ve had. You expedited an insurance payment in a thoroughly professional and “painless” manner. Your dedicated team’s courteous service greatly alleviated a bad situation. I recommend Clements without reservation.

Diplomat in Japan

Once again, many thanks and much appreciation for your prompt and efficient service. We are delighted to have so quickly received our insurance claim payment and are especially impressed by how smoothly and expeditiously you made this happen.

Country Specific FAQs

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  • Italy Car Insurance

    Can I add a vehicle to my current policy?

    No, in Italy it is the car that is insured and the cover is issued on the number plate. So if you have more than one vehicle, you will need an insurance policy for each.

    Can I insure the car only with my VIN number while I wait for AFI plates to be issued?

    No, as the insurance is issued on the plates, we need to know the number plate reserved to you by the MVRO. Prior to your appointment at the military registration office, please request to know the number plate reserved to you, so we can issue the insurance policy to allow you to register the car.

    Backpacker takes a stroll down a scenic Italian brick road lined with vehicles.
  • UK Car Insurance

    Can anyone drive my car in the UK, will they be covered?

    Anyone needing to drive your vehicle will need to be added to your policy as a driver before you allow them to drive your vehicle. They must meet the underwriting criteria to be added.

    Do I have windscreen coverage?

    If you have Comprehensive cover your windscreen is covered, subject to a deductible.

    Do I have breakdown coverage?

    Breakdown cover is optional and is sold as a separate policy in the UK. When you get this cover you are sent a separate document in your welcome/renewal pack. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us to check.

    Do you offer Multi Car Insurance in the UK?

    In the UK we offer a 10% discount to each additional vehicle insured, however please note that we do not insure multiple vehicles under one policy. We can arrange insurance on any number of vehicles, but these will be separate policies.

    Car insurance in the UK provides financial protection.
  • Germany Car Insurance

    Can I insure my US vehicle without German registered plates?

    Yes, your US Vehicle must be registered on German plates after your arrival, but in order to register your vehicle in Germany you will first need to obtain Insurance for the vehicle. We can insure the vehicle using the VIN number. When your documents are produced you will receive a “Double White Card” which you will need to take with you when registering your vehicle, as proof of Insurance.

    Young woman in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin during early twilight.
  • Spain Car Insurance

    What kind of driver’s license do I need in Spain?

    Expats need an EU license to drive their insured vehicle. U.S. military and DOD civilians will be able to obtain a Spanish driver’s license by virtue of an agreement with the Spanish government.

    We can issue quotes and policies while the driver’s license is being converted. This process is usually faster for U.S. military than non-military due to circumstances beyond our control. The driver will only be covered once they possess an EU driver’s license.

    What is required to register a car in Spain?

    For expats to register a car in Spain, the requirements are:

    • Vehicle registration certificate: Official document providing proof of registration of the vehicle.
    • Auto insurance: Non-residents will need to have a valid insurance policy in place.
    • Import taxes or VAT: If you purchased your car outside of the EU, you may be required to pay import taxes or VAT.
    • Annual road taxes: You will need to pay annual road taxes to keep your car registered.
    • Vehicle inspections: You will need to pass vehicle inspections every two years. If your vehicle is older than 10 years, it will be subject to inspection every year.
    Busy streets with cars in Spain, a popular expat country.
Employee relationships and the I-Care values are core to the Clements culture.

Why Choose Clements for Your OCONUS Military Coverage?

Our journey to becoming a preferred global insurance provider began in 1947 and we continue to serve military service members and other government employees located around the world. With clients served in 170+ countries, we now manage worldwide insurance portfolios for the military, ambassadors, diplomats and foreign service officers and government contractors, educators, and other expats.

Insurance coverage works differently overseas, especially if you serve in the military. Clements Worldwide’s military OCONUS insurance products can be customized to fit military service members’ unique needs.

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