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Kidnap and Ransom Insurance for Your Employees

Political Evacuation and Salary Continuation

Working in a High-Risk Country? You Need a Kidnapping Insurance.

Foreign organizations in high-risk countries are key kidnapping targets, including businesses, international schools, as well as high net-worth individuals and their families.

Kidnappers may demand ransoms with threats of violence or refusal to negotiate. Being prepared with the right kidnapping insurance can save lives. Clements Worldwide’s Kidnap and Ransom Insurance provides financial indemnification and expert crisis management in the event of a kidnapping for ransom, wrongful detention, and/or extortion.

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Safeguard Your People

We’ve worked in high-risk areas for decades and offer confidential, speedy assistance to families and employers. Our kidnap and ransom insurance covers independent investigations, negotiations, arrangement and delivery of funds, and other services vital to a safe, fast resolution. 


Clements Kidnap and Ransom insurance includes the following benefits:

Full reimbursement of any ransom monies paid or lost due to kidnapping or extortion

Full reimbursement of loss due to the destruction, disappearance, confiscation, or wrongful appropriation of ransom monies

Accidental death or dismemberment

Judgments and legal liability

Unlimited consultant fees for independent legal/PR counsel, negotiators, and security consultants

Security consultant training to staff on managing risks during overseas assignments

Travel risk portal with daily updates on security threats, as well as political and economic conditions, in over 190 countries and territories

Optional extensions: Political/Security Evacuation, Threat, Disappearance, Express Kidnapping

An Emergency Evacuation policy can be purchased as an extension to cover evacuation of staff and their salaries due to security risks, natural disasters, and epidemics

Be Prepared with the Right Kidnapping Insurance

Kidnapping is a multibillion-dollar business. Don’t let it shut down yours.
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