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International Business Interruption & Commercial Property Insurance

Many organizations mistakenly count on their property insurance to cover lost income, fixed, and standing costs. However, property insurance typically covers only the costs of assets – not people or operations or loss in profits or revenues. That’s where Clements Worldwide Business Interruption insurance comes in.

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There’s No Need For Business Interruption

If there is direct damage to the commercial property of the organization that leads to closure of operations, business interruption insurance ensures financial continuity by covering fixed costs such as salaries or rent and any loss of profits or revenues. This type of coverage is especially important for multinational organizations operating in high-risk countries where limited infrastructure and rescue services make it even more challenging to recover from natural disasters or man-made catastrophes.

Our international Business Interruption coverage can also be paired with political violence coverage to cover acts of terrorism, riots, or protests that interrupt operations.

We’ll Help You Weather a Crisis

If you’re a nonprofit, educational institution, or a multinational company, Clements Business Interruption insurance can cover your organization’s lost income and fixed costs – and get you back up and running.

Clements Business Interruption insurance includes:

Reimbursement for lost wages for the period of coverage

Salaries, rent, healthcare, and other fixed costs to keep your organization solvent and care for employees in case of a disaster

Loss of profit / revenues

Extra expenses related to the relocating, or reopening of your business; depending on your policy, other expense types may also be included

Flexible indemnity periods available

Protect Your Property

We’ve combined the coverage for your organization’s assets into one simple, specialty-priced program. Clements Commercial Property insurance covers replacement costs for your property, and you can customize your plan to include Building, Business Personal Property, Stocks, Computer and Data Storage, or Loss of Business Income – at one affordable rate.

Clements’ foreign commercial insurance coverage includes:

Business Personal Property covers assets such as furniture, fixtures, contents, stocks, etc.

Commercial Property coverage protects buildings, inventory, and their contents from fire, theft, lightning, vandalism, and other covered losses

Loss of Business Income protection will help your organization compensate for the loss profits if you are forced to temporarily shut down

Computer and Data coverage to safeguard computer hardware, data processing systems, and software if damaged or destroyed

Earthquake and Flood protection against property damage as a result of earthquake and/or flood with full limits*

Can include extensions for political violence

Equipment Breakdown coverage (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment) for loss due to accidents involving the operation of pressure, mechanical, and electrical equipment

Covers loss of the boiler and equipment itself, damage to other property and business interruption losses

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*Typically floods and earthquakes are excluded from natural disaster policies.

Keep Your Business Operations Running without Interruptions

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