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International Combined Liability Insurance

One Blanket International Business Liability Policy

Standard general third-party liability insurance policies could put you and your organization at risk by not offering critical coverage.

Liability claims from terrorism attacks, sports-related injuries, pollution, and a host of other risks are not typically protected by traditional insurance. Clements Worldwide has you covered. Our high-limit international Combined Liability insurance policy gives your international business customized coverage with the right extensions to keep your operations abroad running smoothly.

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Combined Coverage at One Price

Whether you’re an NGO or nonprofit, government contractor, international school, or multinational organization, our international liability insurance combined plan and add-on extensions will keep you protected against general liability claims. You’ll get:

High limits up to $25 million

No minimum premiums

Primary or excess liability options available

Worldwide coverage including high-risk locations

Protection that extends to local nationals as well as expatriate staff, including business trips to the U.S.

Choose from a wide range of supplemental global insurance policies to cover pollution liability, broad form medical payments, and more.

Benefits of International Liability Insurance

Clements’ combined liability insurance for international businesses protects your organization against:

Third-party Liability arising out of the operations or premises of an organization

Third-party Liability arising out of slander, libel, wrongful eviction, malicious prosecution

Liability for loss or damage as the result of a defect in a product manufactured or installed

Costs to landlords/property owners in the event of destruction to actual leased space

Medical expenses resulting from third-party bodily injury on your business premises

Think You Don’t Need International Commercial Liability Insurance?
Think Again.

Any business that owns or rents premises, manufactures goods, or provides services to its clients risks third-party liability claims. Clements Worldwide’s international General Liability insurance indemnifies businesses against third-party liability claims and confirms to contractual requirements of most customer commitments.   

Our exclusive, high-limit Combined Liability product comes with supplemental policies are rarely available in the market.  

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