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Global Group Life Insurance

Loss Is Hard. Let Clements Help.

Losing a staff member overseas can bring unexpected financial hardship to loved ones amidst added uncertainty and unfamiliarity.

Clements Worldwide International Group Life Insurance can help ease financial burdens for families affected by loss with high limits availability and coverage extending to war and terrorism.

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Give Your Employees Peace of Mind

Our Group Life Insurance helps you attract and retain talent – especially those working in high-risk areas – by ensuring their families will be taken care of in case of loss. Broad policy coverage with war and terrorism, high limits availability, simplified underwriting process.

Coverage Tailored to Your Needs

Whatever your organization’s needs, we’ll tailor a Group Life plan that works for you.


Purchase coverage proportionate to annual salary with availability of top-up options based on individual needs

Benefits as high as 10 times annual salary

Low fixed premiums throughout the term of the policy Coverage against death as a result of illness, accidents, and acts of war and terrorism*

Limited medical underwriting

Get a Tailored International Group Life Insurance Plan

Give your employees peace of mind.

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