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Political Risk, Violence, War and Terrorism Insurance

Protect Your Organization with Terrorism Insurance

More than 10,000 terrorist attacks are carried out every year, endangering the staff and operations of international organizations. Political instability, rioting and looting can lead to injury and property damage.

Clements Worldwide can help you protect your people and your business against the risks of terrorism with political risk insurance.

Photojournalists in war zones can be covered by political risk & terrorism insurance.

Decades of Experience with Conflict Zones

Clements knows the terrain. We’ve worked with businesses in conflict zones for over 70 years, providing organizations with tailored coverage to guard against the risks of civil unrest, looting, riots, war, and terrorism.

Coverage Details

Our Political Violence Insurance includes protection against:



Civil unrest/war







Coup d’état

Who Needs Political Violence Insurance?

Because property policies usually exclude risk related to political violence, Political Violence insurance should be considered by any international organization that operates in or have property in high-risk areas to protect their assets. Some examples include:
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Energy companies (such as oil and gas)

Mining and construction operations

Protection in High Risk Areas

Let us help you protect your business and people.
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FAQs for Political Violence, War & Terrorism Insurance

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