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International Insurance for Nonprofits and NGOs

Safely Delivering Critical Missions

NGOs often work in harm’s way to help underserved or at-risk populations around the world. NGOs typically operate under constrained financial resources, which means unanticipated costs can be especially detrimental.

Whether your organization delivers supplies in high-risk countries or has volunteers in war zones, Clements Worldwide understands the unique risks inherent to NGOs and how to minimize them.

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Your Partner in Managing Risks Worldwide

Focus on Your Mission, Not Your Risks

We are here to help with direct risk assessment and the best policies to help you manage it. We analyze the best options for your NGO or nonprofit and can help develop your management strategy as well as emergency & contingency plans for any risk type. Be prepared for your next international mission by insuring your nonprofit or nongovernmental organization, so you can focus on your mission, not your risks.

Employee Benefits

Our solutions are intended to help keep your staff cared for and healthy.

Organization Insurance Solutions

Our international NGO insurance solutions are designed to protect your organization against unforeseen risks that could cease operations. Ranging from direct damage to your assets to lawsuits stemming from food spoilage to molestation.

Financial Lines for Nonprofits & NGOs

Our insurance solutions ensure your operations continue without financial interruption.

Minimize Your Nonprofit’s Unique Risks

We work with you to build a customized, seamless policy based on your location and operations.

Hear it from Our Clients

Hear it from Our Clients

Nonprofit Insurance

Since 2010, Mercy Ships has been relying on Clements Worldwide for our international insurance needs. As our global brokers, they have been providing us with exceptional services, including global insurance throughout Africa. We are highly satisfied with their services and would recommend Clements Worldwide as an insurance broker for your insurance needs.

– Jeff Boyce, Global Facilities Director

Hear it from Our Clients

NGO Insurance

Golden West Humanitarian Foundation has been using Clements for its global brokers services for our international insurance needs since 2015. Over the years they have supported us in multiple countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia. They always seem to be available when we need them, and they have been able to provide solution quickly even when others could not. We are very satisfied with their services and would recommend Clements Worldwide as a broker for insurance solutions

– Michael L Trocino, Chief Financial Officer

Hear it from Our Clients

For Your Organization

Thank you very much for your usual prompt support. It is really a pleasure working with you and Clements. I am very happy that I decided to use Clements as my insurer.

– Global NGO in Kenya

Hear it from Our Clients

For Your Organization

I have been using Clements since 2006 and I am really happy with my decision. The wonderful, prompt support that I get from the Claims department is really appreciated.

– Global Organization in Kenya

Policies for All Your Needs

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International Crisis & Risk Resource Hub

Find resources and immediate assistance to organizations all over the world dealing with crises such as political unrest, terrorism, natural disasters, and pandemics.

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