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Welcome to our international crisis resource hub. Whether you are dealing with political unrest, terrorism, natural disasters or a pandemic, this hub can provide immediate assistance no matter where you and your organization are located.

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Ongoing Risk Situations

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Ukraine’s ongoing crisis is sparking immediate need for humanitarian aid. As countless organizations rush to Ukraine and bordering countries to offer food, shelter and other relief assistance, escalating risks in the region make planning ahead paramount.

See our Ukraine crisis related FAQs below.

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Key Things to Know About Crisis & Risk

High Risk Situations

High-risk territories can be challenging to navigate, as ever-changing situations can increase risks and directly impact operations.  While they are unavoidable in any crisis, you can mitigate and control them through effective preparation.

Who is Most Affected?

Operating in this ever changing situation can be challenging and some organizations have more exposure than others.

NGOs – Often the first to respond, NGOs perform the vital role supporting those in need during a crisis. Often in complex and ever changing environments, protecting their staff and operations is paramount to ensure mission success.

UN Contractors – Due to the sheer scale of the relief effort required, contractors are often called upon to support ongoing efforts. From small to large contracts, each has a unique set of requirements to ensure asset and staff safety.

Government Agencies – Across the world governments are mobilizing support for the region and their activities do not go without inherent risk given the politically unstable nature of the current situation.

Embassies – Embassies and diplomatic staff are providing on the ground support and direction, meaning they may also be exposed to increased risk.

We encourage our clients to adopt Know Your Clients (KYC) processes to ensure they aren’t dealing with any sanctioned entity, which can cause disruptions in their operations. Many businesses already have some form of KYC or third-party risk management process, so it’s all about adding an additional layer of risk review to account for all exposures.

Tarun Chopra, CEO of Clements offers this advice to clients working in these high-risk areas when dealing with sanctions

Be Prepared for Crisis Situations

How Clements Can Support You

Expert Advice & Experience

We can provide guidance on current or required insurance to cover your operations, assets and staff. Having focused on high-risk territories since 1947, we have been through similar situations and can offer expert guidance when you need it most. Learn more about our experiences during challenging times by reading our case studies further down the page.

Unique Market Access

With our history of navigating dangerous circumstances and trustworthy coverholder reputation with Lloyd’s of London, we can insure you in areas and situations many other carriers cannot. Our underwriters can readily offer coverage solutions to help you achieve your mission. Whether you need Personal Accident, Political Violence, Defense Base Act (DBA), or Kidnap & Ransom coverage, we can help.

Broad Product Suite

We offer access to a broad suite of insurance solutions specific to your organization’s needs. Our customizable plans can get you operating internationally quicker and safer with peace of mind.

Key Coverages to Consider

Group Personal Accident insurance icon.

Business Insurance

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance can cover staff and others associated with your organization around the clock. Our policy can extend to accidental injuries that occur in Ukraine. Illness coverage is not available in Ukraine, but it is available in bordering countries.

What it Covers:

  • Occupational Injuries
  • Off-the-job Injuries
  • Illness (depending on circumstances)
  • Injuries Stemming from Violence
  • Medical Evacuations

What it Doesn’t Cover:

  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Routine medical check-ups
  • Injuries stemming from extreme sports
DBA insurance icon.

Business Insurance

Defense Base Act (DBA)

Defense Base Act Insurance covers US government contract workers who get injured or killed on the job. If your organization is working on a US government contract, you are required to have US Department of Labor-approved DBA insurance. Failing to obtain approved coverage can result in significant penalties.

What it Covers:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Disability Payments
  • Death Benefits (for workers with spouses/children only)

What it Doesn’t Cover:

  • Off-the-Job Injuries (depends on circumstances)
  • General Liability
  • Health
  • Kidnap/Ransom
  • Travel Accidents
Political Violence insurance icon.

Business Insurance

Political Violence Insurance

Political Violence insurance covers property damage stemming from political unrest. We currently can’t offer political violence quotes in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and Lloyd’s of London insurers are not offering any coverage directly in Ukraine. However, coverage is still available  in bordering countries.

What it Covers:

  • War/Terrorism
  • Sabotage
  • Strikes
  • Riots
  • Coups
  • Insurrections
  • Mutiny

What it Doesn’t Cover:

  • Political Risk (Property seized by the government)
  • Aircrafts
  • Watercrafts
  • Land
  • Property in Transit
  • Nuclear Risks
Business insurance icon.

Business Insurance

Additional Commercial Solutions

We have a vast array of insurance solutions for operations in and around Ukraine. Those include:

General FAQs

Can Personal Accident Replace my Health Policy?

Personal Accident cannot replace your health insurance. It can complement employee health insurance, but it does not replace it.

Is Political Risk Included in Political Violence Coverage?

Political risk is not included in our political violence coverage.

Ukraine Situation FAQs

Got a question related to the Ukraine crisis? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your answer here, please contact us at

Car Insurance – Coverage Applicable Under the Political Violence Policy

Case Studies

DBA insurance icon.

Afghanistan: DBA Provides Lifetime Benefits to Family

A bomb exploded in an international development group’s Baghdad outpost, killing a US-national employee. As the sole breadwinner for his family with an annual salary of USD 125,000, plus 30 percent hazard pay, the employee was survived by his spouse and two children. Thanks to coverage through Clements’ DBA policy, the family received financial assistance following the NGO employee’s unfortunate passing. DBA coverage provided benefits to the family of the deceased, including: funeral expenses and lost wage death benefits of $1325 weekly, which is the maximum allowed by DBA.

Kidnap & Ransom insurance icon.

Philippines: NGO Member Life Saved by Kidnapping & Ransom Policy

While rarely publicized, the kidnapping of NGO employees based or traveling overseas is on the rise. In 2009, a member of an NGO in the Philippines was kidnapped by a local gang at gunpoint and held hostage. Through the Kidnap and Ransom extension from Clements, crisis consultants were quickly sent in with travel expenses covered. The consultants were able to negotiate a lower ransom amount and secure safe release for the victim. Thanks to the NGO’s Kidnap and Ransom insurance policy, the organization was able to safely return its employee while all related expenses were covered.

Focus on Your Mission We Will Take Care of Your Coverage

We work with you to build a customized, seamless policy based on your location and operations. Reach out to a Clements Commercial Insurance Advisor if you wish to discuss any current or future insurance requirements.

Clements monitors various sources to obtain live information and uses it to help clients and prospects in affected areas. Below, you will find links to sources on our site and others that provide additional perspectives and guidance:

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