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Not all domestic health plans follow you around the globe. Our international health insurance policies are designed for expats, diplomats, and people working overseas who require greater global medical coverage than a standard vacation or business travel insurance policy can offer. These policies provide access to local health services, emergency coverage, medical evacuation, maternity care, and more—wherever you are in the world.

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Looking for health insurance for less than 6 months? Check out our travel medical insurance options.

Worldwide Expat Health Insurance Coverage

Take a look at the options and details below to determine the best global health insurance policy for you and your loved ones. Complete the quote form and we will review your details and get back to you with the best options and pricing for coverage tailored to your specific needs.

Who Needs International Health Insurance?

Those living abroad or traveling outside their home country for more than a week can benefit from global health insurance. Here are few expats who may need it:

Remote workers/digital nomads

Professionals living and working abroad

Government and personal services contractors

Health care and nonprofit workers

Retirees living abroad

Individuals traveling internationally

Families traveling internationally


Cigna Health Insurance

Although we try our best to stay healthy, some medical conditions cannot be prevented. Depending on your pre-existing condition, you may be approved for coverage upon further review by Cigna. With this option, you can also choose supplemental coverage to create a customized health plan to fit any budget.

Get a health insurance coverage quote customized to your needs

Key Features

All applications are subject to underwriting review and approval.
Some pre-existing conditions are covered
Quote tailored to fit your specific needs
Access to Cigna’s vast global network of hospitals, doctors, and clinics
Save 10% with an annual or 3% with a quarterly payment
A la carte supplemental coverage available such as dental, vision, and medical evacuation

Additional Benefits

One-year plans that are renewable annually
Varying levels of plans and price points, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum
Gold and Platinum plans cover inpatient and day patient maternity care
Choose from core inpatient plans that cover hospital stays, treatments, surgeon and consultation fees, cancer treatment, and more
Supplemental coverage is available for international outpatient care, medical evacuation, routine physical exams, counselling support, online health education programs, vision, and dental
Select the right deductible (the initial amount paid before your claim is covered) or cost share option (percentage of the claim that you must pay after your deductible has been paid, up to your out of pocket maximum) that works for you

Live & Work Around the World with Peace of Mind

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Example Cigna Quote Scenarios:

Please note that all quotes are subject to review prior to approval.

U.S. citizen moving with their family to South Africa:

Read more about the details of this coverage option below.

Expat Global Medical Insurance

If you do not have any pre-existing conditions and you have not received medical care for any conditions in the past 24 months, then Expat Global could be the international medical insurance provider for you.

This is an all-inclusive policy that covers inpatient, outpatient, and medical evacuation coverage. There are three plan options and the highest level, Select, includes vision, dental, preventative care, and maternity care.

When you purchase international health insurance, you’re investing in yourself  knowing that your most precious asset, your health, is taken care of around the world.

Key Features

Save 5% with an annual payment
Get an instant quote and immediate coverage
Health coverage nearly anywhere in the world, including medical evacuation
Multiple pricing options for expats and their families with no pre-existing conditions
Vision, dental, preventative care, and maternity care with the Select plan

Additional Benefits

One-year plans that are renewable annually
Earn annual discounts for not making a claim in a policy year
Varying levels of plans and price points
Choose your coverage area, from as narrow as a few continents to as broad as worldwide coverage
For sudden onset of acute conditions, health insurance benefits extend outside your chosen area of cover
Select the right deductible (the initial amount paid before your claim is covered) that works for you

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Example Expat Global Quote Scenarios:

U.S. citizen moving with their family to South Africa:

Employee relationships and the I-Care values are core to the Clements culture.

Why Choose Clements?

Clements is committed to providing financial security via insurance solutions for individuals and families living around the world.

Here are a few reasons to turn to Clements as your international health insurance provider:

  • With more than 75 years of experience, we have insured clients in more than 170 countries. As experts in the field, we are here to help you.
  • Your policy should always match your needs. Our customizable international medical insurance policy options allow you to build a solution that’s right for you.
  • Our dedicated team will handle claims with care, typically settling within 2 or 3 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Health Insurance

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