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International Car Insurance

With more than 75 years of service, Clements Worldwide offers comprehensive international car insurance to our valued expats in most countries around the globe. As our customer, you can drive at home or abroad with confidence knowing you and your car are protected. Our hassle-free overseas car insurance coverages provide:

  • Consistent global coverage, eliminating the need for a new policy when you move to another country
  • Can include both Physical Damage coverage and
  • Excess Liability coverage
  • Third Party Liability in select countries (see below)
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We offer three types of International Car Insurance, which you can combine for maximum coverage: Worldwide Physical Damage, Third-Party Liability, and Excess Liability Insurance.

Worldwide Car and Motorcycle Insurance – Physical Damage

Get a global auto insurance policy that covers physical damage and theft to your car or motorcycle. Please note, this coverage sits on top of your local third-party liability insurance and does not include third-party liability insurance.

Avoid being underinsured by adding on Excess Liability Insurance. This covers costs that exceed the limits of your third-party liability insurance. This policy is especially recommended for drivers in countries with low liability limits.

Local Third-Party Liability Insurance

Most countries’ minimum legal car insurance requirement. For optimal protection combine this coverage with our Worldwide Care Insurance for physical damage. Please note, Clements only provides Third-Party Liability (TPL) Insurance in the select countries listed below. Our Third-Party Liability insurance in the European Union is valid in the entire EU in most cases.

To fully protect yourself, add Excess Liability coverage to fill gaps in third-party liability insurance by providing additional protection against costs arising from bodily injury and property damage to others.

Personal Insurance

I was told that Clements would total the vehicle and send me a check.. in Chile it meant just the beginning of my problems. Chile doesn’t allow vehicles to stay in country and [getting] it out was going to be an issue. I was speechless when [Clements] let me know I didn’t need to worry. I was in tears (of relief) and I couldn’t thank her enough for the compassion she showed and letting me know Clements was not in the business of being just another robotic company that doesn’t care.

– Foreign Admin Support Specialist, Santiago, Chile

Foreign Service

The service has always been there for me, quick issues or complicated questions, they are always ready and eager to help, by taking care of the customers with understanding, patience and friendliness.

– Diplomat in Mexico

Personal Insurance

Friendly, helpful, quick and professional. I have been using Clements since moving to Italy nearly 5 years ago. [The staff] is always helpful, friendly, quick to reply, and quick to sort out any issues. The Clements team have made it quicker and easier to insure imported UK vehicles in Italy, than it was to insure them when in the UK! Highly recommended.

– Expat in Italy

Personal Insurance

The professionalism shown and assistance offered was exemplary. Staff were always helpful when we renewed our policy each year, and we are grateful for the help given when our camera was stolen a few years back. We will continue to recommend Clements Worldwide to all our friends and family in need of the diverse services you provide.

– Expat in Tanzania

Who Needs International Car Insurance?

Car insurance regulations vary from country to country, and your U.S. policy might not be valid outside American borders. If you are an expat operating a vehicle abroad, it’s a good idea to get a policy specifically for that country. Expats who may need overseas car insurance coverage include:

Remote workers/digital nomads

Professionals living and working abroad

Health care and nonprofit workers

Retirees living abroad

Individuals traveling internationally

Families traveling internationally


What to Look for When Choosing Your International Car Insurance?

To learn more about the basics of international car insurance, watch this short video.


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Policy Renewal

Looking to renew your international car insurance policy? Visit our Policy Renewal page to select the policy you’d like to renew and fill out the form, or to contact us with any questions.

Renew Your Policy

Why Choose Clements for International Car Insurance?

Our expertise is international coverage. We have been providing insurance to expats since 1947. Our specialists will ensure you are adequately covered while driving abroad.

Other key benefits include:

Coverage in 170+ countries

Affordability—coverage that fits your budget

Global/borderless coverage—your policy automatically adjusts to meet the local insurance requirements in whichever country you are driving

Policy documents in English

Claims handled in-house, making the process quick and efficient

Can include both Physical Damage and Excess Liability coverage

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