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International Motorcycle Insurance

Protect Your Bike Worldwide

Prefer two wheels? We’ll cover it! As an expat, we understand getting around all over the world has its own unique set of challenges. Sometimes, two wheels are better than four. We created international physical damage insurance for your motorcycle to protect you.

  • Comprehensive theft, collision, and damage coverage
  • Accessory coverage included
  • Fast and easy claims process
Traveling safely with international motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


Comprehensive Coverage

Protection against Collision, Theft, & Damage.


Accident Forgiveness

Your rate stays the same even after your first accident.


Towing & Labor Reimbursement

Up to $100 USD per disablement, up to $300 USD per policy term.


Transit Coverage

All risk from departure to arrival available for government clients only.


Home Country Rental Car Insurance

All vehicle policies that include Physical Damage coverage will cover the cost of rental car insurance for $12/day up to 21 days per policy period when renting a car in the US, Canada or your home country. This does not have to be consecutive.

Coverage Extension Options


Political Violence Coverage Extension

Damage to your motorcycle resulting from riots, strikes, terrorism and other perils are covered through Clements’ exclusive Political Violence insurance extension.


Optional Coverage For Duty Expenses

Applicable in cases where there is an insurance claim for physical damages.

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Policy Coverage Chart

Policy Deductable: $100 (Select Policies), $250, $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,500

Political Violence Coverage: Policy includes protection against Riots, Strikes, Acts of Terrorism, Sabotage, Malicious Damage, Insurrection, Revolution, Rebellion, War and/or Civil War

Rental Reimbursement: $30/day; max 10 days

Home Country Rental Insurance Reimbursement: $12/day; max 21 days (Available in your home country including U.S. and Canada)

Towing & Labor: $100 per disablement, $300 per policy period

Medical Payments: $2,000 per person in your vehicle, per accident

Accidental Death & Dismemberment: $15,000 per person; $45,000 per accident

Transit Coverage: All-risk, from departure to arrival included (available for government employees only)

Territory Exclusions: Coverage excluded when vehicle is within Canada, Iran, North Korea, or the insured home’s country (see policy documents for details)

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