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Group Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

What is Group Personal Accident Insurance Coverage?

Group personal accident insurance offers financial protection in case of injury or death resulting from an incident that occurs on the job. If your employees have an accident while working abroad, this type of accident policy helps pay the cost of lost wages or medical expenses from an injury.

Clements Worldwide has provided comprehensive accident coverage to organizations since 1947 and can customize an international group personal accident insurance coverage plan that fits your specific needs.

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What is Included Under Our Group Personal Accident Coverage?

International group personal accident insurance coverage will not just help your employees with injury-related expenses, it can also help provide for their loved ones, including benefits in the event of accidental death while abroad.


Group Personal Accident Insurance includes:

In instances of accidental death and dismemberment or accidents resulting in loss of life, limb, or eyesight, the beneficiary receives up to the policy limit

Covers permanent total dismemberment or disability that prevents the insured from working after 12 months

Up to 100% of the employee’s weekly salary to accidental disablement that temporarily prevents the insured from working

Medical expenses and hospitalization resulting from an accident

Medical evacuation to a more suitable facility if adequate medical assistance is not immediately available

In some cases, travel expenses will also be paid for repatriation to the employee’s home country

War and terrorism coverage to protect against the risks of civil unrest, war, and acts of terrorism 24/7 coverage while your personnel are overseas

Flexible group personal accident insurance plans for groups at competitive rates.

Why is Group Personal Accident Insurance Important?

Group Personal Accident Insurance can provide:

24/7, 365

coverage for your employees, contractors and volunteers

Financial safety net

if your employees endure accidental injury or death

Without proper group personal accident insurance policy, you could end up paying out of pocket for liability claims and expensive medical bills for employees and their families.

Make Sure Your People are Protected

We can help find a group personal accident insurance policy that fits your organization’s needs.

Who Needs Group Personal Accident Insurance?

Sometimes international employees are sent into high-risk situations in the line of duty. It’s important to protect them and their dependents with the right group accident policy.

Some global organizations who can benefit from Group PA Coverage include: 

Humanitarian Aid and Development

Global Organizations

Government Contractors (Group PA insurance can complement DBA insurance)

Multinational Business Operations 

Security & Risk Management 


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