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International Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Fleet

Commercial Vehicle Fleet Physical Damage Coverage

Your Fleet Is Covered Worldwide

Get one commercial vehicle fleet insurance policy to cover all your auto-related transportation hazards in most countries around the world. We include theft and collision protection during transportation, operation, and even when parked.


  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Armored vehicles
  • Cars and SUVs
Fleet of work vehicles traverse dirt road in the country.

International roads are not always easily navigable. Dangerous road conditions and poor infrastructure can cause damage to vehicles in day-to-day use. In some parts of world, car-jacking and theft are everyday risks.

With these risks in mind, Clements Worldwide developed WorldAuto, a program providing international commercial auto insurance for corporate fleets. We specialize in high-risk areas and can provide physical damage and liability coverage against every vehicle-related transportation hazard – even across borders.

One Commercial Auto Insurance Policy For Your Entire Fleet – Worldwide

With over 75 years of experience working with clients in conflict regions, we have the expertise to provide your organization with the right business insurance coverage anywhere in the world.* Our team will work with you to create a commercial auto insurance program that meets your organization’s needs and budget. For multi-national organizations, we offer one centralized commercial fleet insurance policy to cover vehicles located in different countries, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple auto insurance policies.

We’ll also help you manage the claims process from start to finish. Our multilingual in-house team can assist with claims processing, excess liability coordination, claims performance management, and risk analysis.

WorldAuto, our international commercial auto insurance policy, is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

*Subject to certain country restrictions. Contact us for more information.

Benefits of International Commercial Auto Insurance

Nearly half of the vehicles we cover are in high- or extreme-risk countries. That’s why we created an optional extension that reimburses clients for the full value of their vehicles in case of political violence, civil unrest, or acts of terrorism. We also offer extensions to cover excess liability and personal accidents.


Excess Liability

Basic local insurance often doesn’t cover a full claim settlement in the case of an accident. Our commercial auto insurance eliminates this potential shortfall. The supplemental Automobile Excess Liability Insurance increases your coverage limits and extends your protection worldwide.


Political Violence Extension

Most fleet insurance policies exclude damage caused by civil unrest. Our Political Violence extension will protect your assets against the cost of damage cause by strikes, riots, malicious damage, sabotage, war, or terrorism.


Personal Accident Extension

Your vehicles are important, but so are your people. Our Group Personal Accident extension was developed to provide financial stability should an incident with a fleet vehicle result in the permanent disability or accidental death of a driver or passenger – something local policies frequently don’t cover.

One Centralized Policy for All Your Vehicles Worldwide

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