Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Impact: Critical Insurance Coverages for NGOs

Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Impact: Critical Insurance Coverages for NGOs


Last updated February 15, 2024 11 minutes read

When you’re running an international nonprofit or NGO of any size, the nonprofit insurance coverage you choose can greatly impact the safety of your team anywhere in the world. Proper coverage not only enhances your employees’ confidence when it comes to safely working abroad but can ensure your assets, such as cars, premises, and equipment are protected.

So how do you know what risks your organization may face? How do you decide what type of insurance your nonprofit should get to properly protect your staff and assets? If you’re wondering about these things or just want to cross check to verify that you are completely protected, this article is for you.

In This Guide:

The Most Common Types of Risks NGOs Face

International NGOs operate in challenging environments where unanticipated events can significantly disrupt their operations. They face unique types of risks, including but not limited to.

Why Do NGOs Need Insurance?

NGOs need good insurance when operating internationally to help ensure the success of their mission, the safety of their staff, or to align with locally applicable laws.

Some key reasons are:

Types of Coverage NGOs Should Consider

International NGOs experience unique risks compared to other organizations. A thoughtfully tailored international insurance safeguards NGOs against unforeseen risks and financial burdens. This safety net allows NGOs to focus on their core mission of helping underserved communities without the constant worry of financial setbacks.

NGOs handing out aid to underserved community, often putting themselves are risk.
The right insurance provides financial safety for NGOs to continue their mission.

Safety and Security

The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) published in August 2022 that they had recorded:

“416 abduction incidents involving non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from January 2018 to June 2022. In total, these incidents affected 747 aid workers. There were 219 incidents where those involved were confined for questioning, as well as 97 kidnappings involving ransoms or other demands and 100 unresolved cases.” 

Property and Assets

This coverage protects NGO-owned or leased property, equipment, vehicles, and supplies against loss or damage caused by events such as natural disasters, accidents, or theft. Let’s look at some key coverages and how they help protect NGOs globally:

From theft to damage and liability, NGO vehicle fleet require reliable insurance coverage.
From theft to damage and liability, NGO vehicle fleet require reliable insurance coverage.


There are a wide variety of liability insurance coverages available to NGOs. The key ones your NGO should consider include:

Employee Protection

Often the most important part of your business are the employees – they’re the ones who put in their effort and time to provide aid and help others, even though it sometimes means risking their own safety working in high-risk areas or even war zones. So it is vital that you ensure their safety as best you can. Some of the most common employee benefit coverages for NGOs include:

Specialized Coverage

In addition, depending on the nature of their work, NGOs may need specialized coverage such as

Speak to the Experts

In summary, reliable insurance coverage is essential for international NGOs to manage risks, protect their assets, fulfill their duty of care, comply with regulations, maintain stakeholder confidence, preserve their reputation, ensure financial stability, and provide peace of mind to their personnel. It is a crucial component of responsible and sustainable operations in the international NGO sector.

If you wish to explore any of the above coverages in more detail, or discuss additional insurance options, speak with an international insurance specialist like Clements Worldwide who has experience working with NGOs in challenging environments globally.

We hope you found this guide informative and helpful for your organization.

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In Our Customers’ Own Words

In Our Customers’ Own Words

NGO Insurance

Golden West Humanitarian Foundation has been using Clements for its global brokers services for our international insurance needs since 2015. Over the years they have supported us in multiple countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia. They always seem to be available when we need them, and they have been able to provide solution quickly even when others could not. We are very satisfied with their services and would recommend Clements Worldwide as a broker for insurance solutions

– Michael L Trocino, Chief Financial Officer

In Our Customers’ Own Words

NGO Insurance

Thank you very much for your usual prompt support. It is really a pleasure working with you and Clements. I am very happy that I decided to use Clements as my insurer.

– Global NGO in Kenya

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