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Global Risk Insurance

Specialists at Writing Hard to Place Risks Anywhere in the World

Global Risk Insurance is a capacity provider unlike any other. We are uniquely placed in that it we have underwriting authority across multiple insurance lines, created to provide customizable coverage in high-risk territories where others cannot. These global risk insurance solutions, coupled with our expertise and experience, allow us to help you arrange the right coverage for your clients at a competitive price.

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Why Global Risk Insurance?

Global Risk Insurance combines Clements Worldwide’s 75 years of insurance experience with market-leading underwriting to offer exceptional coverage options. As an authorized Lloyd’s of London coverholder specializing in program administration, product design, and global customer service, we can help tailor the right coverage to your clients’ individual needs.

Learn More About Global Risk Insurance

Watch this short video for more details on Global Risk Insurance, including who can benefit from it and what coverages are available.



Market Expertise

Our knowledge of the global insurance market and our relationships with numerous providers enables you to provide your clients with unique, customized insurance solutions.


Complex & Hard to Place

Our unique experience and coverholder status mean we have products that often allow coverage where other insurers cannot.


Competitive Commissions

We work with you to ensure not only does your client get the best coverage possible for their needs, but we compensate our brokers well for the business.


Key Global Segments Served

Clements can cater to international clients across a multitude of different industry verticals, however the following core industries have proven extremely well aligned to the exclusive binder products offered through Global Risk Insurance.

Specialized Insurance Solutions

The products from Global Risk Insurance perfectly align to a wide variety of multinational industries. The following are some of the key industries where we currently provide dedicated and reliable insurance solutions.

Get the Coverage Your Clients Need

Our Global Risk Insurance experts will help find the right insurance solutions for your clients.

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Global Risk Insurance Overview

How to Join

Accessing Global Risk Insurance is simple. All you need do leave your details via our form and one of our team will contact you shortly.