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Access educational resources for Global Community Liaison Officers (GCLO) and Community Liaison Officers (CLO), such as content you can use in your newsletters and webinars created to inform, support, and protect the Foreign Service and embassy staff.

Request new educational topics for your CLO newsletters, schedule webinars,  arrange a visit to your embassy, and request sponsorship for community events like happy hours and quiz nights.

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How We Support GCLOs and CLOs

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Browse our media kit for assets to help you and your embassy staff. You’ll find a variety of resources ready to use to help support your work and community impact.

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Educational Content for Your GCLO Newsletters

Ensure your embassy staff remains informed on how to protect themselves, their families, and belongings, or prepare for major life changes. Their international insurance needs change throughout the year and you can help them know where to go when they have questions.

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Webinars and Informative Events

Expand your knowledge on international insurance coverage for the Foreign Service and get your questions answered. We’ve hosted events and webinars for multiple US embassies around the world, including Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Turkey, India, and Israel.

We can customize and host our webinars and events to fit your specific needs.

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Arrange an Embassy Visit

Organizing a personalized embassy visit can allow Foreign Service members to directly ask Clements representatives questions in person and learn more about their international insurance needs and options, both while at post and during a PCS. We’ve been invited to visit multiple embassies and continue hosting visits.

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Foreign Service Community and Contractors Abroad Insurance

Customizable international insurance tailored for Diplomats, Government Professionals, Contractors and their families.
Foreign Service Insurance
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Why Clements?

Our Foreign Service customers choose us because of the flexible and affordable international insurance options we specifically designed for the diplomatic community’s unique needs. We’ve proudly supported embassy staff worldwide since 1947, including in high-risk areas where coverage is challenging to get.

Our customizable, comprehensive, and affordable Foreign Service insurance solutions include:

  • Car Insurance
  • Household Effects Insurance (HHE)
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • US Federal Professional Liability Insurance (FEPLI)
  • Accident/Disability Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

How Worldwide Foreign Service Insurance Works

Car Insurance

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Personal Property Insurance

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