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Car Insurance in Germany

For NATO, Military Personnel, and Government Employees

For NATO and USAREUR Personnel living in Germany, it’s important to have complete car insurance coverage so you are protected when dealing with breakdowns, towing charges, repairs, damage, or injuries from accidents. So that you aren’t tasked with finding and understanding a local policy that is available only in German, our coverage combines:

  • Fully Comprehensive (Physical Damage, Fire & Theft, Local Third Party Liability)
  • Local Third Party Liability, Fire & Theft (TPF&T)
  • Local Third Party Liability Only (TPO)

With Clements, your policy is documented in English and you’ll have easy access to English-speaking customer support.

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Your customized auto insurance options include all the features required when living in Germany.  Clements partnered with partnered with GEICO Financial Services GmbH to make it easy to obtain the right car insurance to meet your needs. Even if you have no prior driving experience in Germany and are a new resident, we can insure you and your vehicle.

Key Features

All insurance documentation is in English

English-speaking customer service

US, UK, International, EU, and Provisional driver’s licenses accepted

No established residency or driving experience in Germany required

3 coverage choices, allowing you to select the level of cover you need including: Fully Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Local Third Party Only

What is Covered Under Fully Comprehensive Insurance?

The Fully Comprehensive insurance cover exists in the event of damage, destruction, loss, or total write-off of the vehicle including its co-insured parts as a result of the following events:


Fire & explosion

Theft of vehicle

Short circuit damage to the wiring

Animal Bite – damage to the wiring as a result of animal bite

Loss of vehicle keys due to burglary or robbery

Third Party Liability

Additional Coverage Benefits

Protection against collision, theft, and damage

Repair Cost Insurance available as a coverage add-on

Roadside Assistance available

Breakdown cover automatically included in every policy with 24 hour assistance, 7 days a week

Towing the vehicle after breakdown or accident up to 150 EUR

Car rental when break down occurs, accident, or theft (with accident and theft also under 50 km distance) for a max. of 7 days and up to 350 EUR / outside of Germany up to 500 EUR

You have comprehensive & collision insurance coverage within the geographical borders of Europe as well as the non-European areas that are part of the European Union

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Diplomat in Egypt

During our last move, the unthinkable happened: the container carrying everything we owned was lost at sea. Clements was responsive, professional and supportive throughout the experience.

Diplomat in Japan

Once again, many thanks and much appreciation for your prompt and efficient service. We are delighted to have so quickly received our insurance claim payment and are especially impressed by how smoothly and expeditiously you made this happen.

Diplomat in Denmark

The Clements Team have been fantastic. This is the second problematic move I’ve had. You expedited an insurance payment in a thoroughly professional and “painless” manner. Your dedicated team’s courteous service greatly alleviated a bad situation. I recommend Clements without reservation.

Is German Car Insurance Expensive?

Car insurance in Germany is typically more expensive than other countries due to a few factors including the cost of repairs, strict liability laws, and Germany’s “no-fault” system, meaning regardless of who is at fault for an accident, the driver is responsible for taking care of injuries and damage to others and their property. This system was designed to quickly resolve problems related to accidents.

There are also individual circumstances that can affect the cost of car insurance in Germany, including:

  • Vehicle type. Luxury cars generally have higher insurance costs.
  • Driver’s age. Younger drivers may be subject to higher rates.
  • Driver’s history. Accidents or traffic violations on a driver’s history may increase rates.
  • Coverage level. A driver will pay less for minimum third-party liability coverage but more for higher levels of coverage, such as comprehensive. The trade off is that higher rates associated with comprehensive ensure damage to the policy holder’s vehicle is covered.
  • Vehicle location. Urban settings typically have higher insurance rates than rural areas.
  • Annual mileage. Rates increase with the amount driven and conversely will go down the less you drive. Some insurers offer an occasional driver discount if the annual mileage does not exceed a certain amount.

FAQ About Car Insurance in Germany

Military, Foreign Service, & Teachers Abroad

Insure your car during international relocations and assignments with our comprehensive coverage designed specifically for military personnel, foreign service workers, and educators abroad. Drive confidently across the EU and Schengen Area, and safeguard your vehicle during transit between homes with coverage that extends beyond third-party liability.

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