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Expat Car Insurance in Spain

Affordable Coverage with English-Speaking Support

Looking for car insurance as an expat in Spain? Get the right coverage as a non-resident expat. Select from options that suit your budget and needs:

  • Full comprehensive coverage
  • Third-party liability insurance (Spain’s legal minimum requirement)
  • Optional add-ons for higher level of coverage
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Your Spain Car Insurance Options & Benefits

We make it simple to get the car insurance you need in Spain. Enjoy affordable rates, flexible payment options, and enhance your protection with add-on options. Please see your options below.

With our English-speaking customer support, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that assistance is just a phone call away.

Our auto insurance plans allow us to cover any vehicle with a Spanish license plate.

All Coverage Levels Include

All our coverage options include essential features listed here. See additional coverages included under each policy option further below.

Third-party liability coverage (up to €120,000,000 for a single personal injury claim and €65,000,000 for a single property damage claim)

Coverage for legal fees associated with traffic offenses and accidents and revoked licenses as well as a monthly €500.00 allowance for the time during which the policyholder cannot drive (six-month cap)

Broad protection for the driver, including costs associated with injury and death, person belongings, and breakdown/emergency assistance

Collision with wild animals

Premium roadside assistance

Choose from annual, bi-annual (twice yearly), or quarterly payments

Full Comprehensive Car Insurance

Get the highest level of financial protection for Spain (Cobertura Todo Riesgo) that keeps you, others, and your property safe. This policy includes:
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Everything listed under “All Coverage Levels” above


Roadside Assistance with courtesy car (Category C – similar to a VW Caddy- for a maximum of 7 days if repairs take more than 5 days)

Windscreen cover, including all glass

Fire & Theft

Advance payments where faulty Third Party is insolvent or bankrupt

Malicious damage to own vehicle covered. Regardless of who’s at fault for the damage, repairs or the vehicle’s total loss will be paid

Third-Party Only Liability Insurance

Spain’s minimum legal coverage requirement (Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil) will provide you with a basic coverage. If Full Comprehensive protection is not in your budget, you have three basic options available:
Three Options:
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Everything listed under “All Coverage Levels” above


Third Party Liability + Windscreen:

  • Everything listed under “All Coverage Levels” above
  • Windscreen Cover, including all glass


Third Party Liability + Windscreen + Fire & Theft

  • Everything listed under “All Coverage Levels” above
  • Windscreen Cover, including all glass
  • Fire & Theft
  • Advance payments where faulty Third Party is insolvent or bankrupt
  • Malicious damage to own vehicle covered

Add-On to Enhance Your Coverage for Spain

(already included in the Full Comprehensive option)

Enhance your financial protection with broader coverage for your car insurance policy by adding this valuable supplementary bundle:

Premium roadside assistance (expanded for breakdowns, medical fees, and salvage with duplicate key delivery in case of loss or theft)

Refund for broken car seat for children (up to €600)

Courtesy car (Category C)

Legal fees abroad (€3,000 cap with €5,000 if the insured is arrested)

Increased coverage for health costs (up to €9,000)

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Coverage & Service Highlights

Why Clements?

Have peace of mind on Spain’s roadways

Generous Coverage

Our policy’s specifications on vehicle depreciation keep you covered longer. The reference point is the car’s year of manufacture with the following coverage:

  • New car replacement minus deductible in the first two years
  • Purchase value minus deductible in the third year
  • Blue book value minus deductible from the fourth year onward


  • Customer support in English
  • Vehicle collection for breakdowns
  • Vehicle deep clean after accidents
  • Courtesy car for repairs (available with Comprehensive coverage)
  • Competitive, affordable rates
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Flexible Payment Options

Select your preferred payment frequency from the following options:

  • Annual
  • Bi-annual (twice a year)
  • Quarterly

Who Needs Non-Resident Car Insurance in Spain?

Spain requires all drivers to have auto insurance, including non-residents. Those who may need this type of coverage include:

  • Military personnel
  • Government employees and contractors, such as embassy staff
  • International teachers and educators
  • Non-profit workers
  • Health care workers
  • Missionaries
  • Remote workers and digital nomads
  • Retirees living abroad
  • Families and individuals travelling internationally
  • Anyone living and working abroad
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What You’ll Need to Get a Policy

We only require the details from these documents. Your Spanish car insurance policy can be issued without providing scanned copies:
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NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero or Foreigners’ Identity Number)

Local address in Spain

Spanish license plate


Driver’s license

For more information about car insurance coverage in Spain see our FAQs below.

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Need Help?

If you are still not sure whether or not to increase your car insurance coverage, you can talk to your insurance agent. They can help you assess your individual needs and recommend the best coverage for you. Please contact us via this contact form, at, or +0121 827 4621.

Military, Foreign Service, & Teachers Abroad

Insure your car during international relocations and assignments with our comprehensive coverage designed specifically for military personnel, foreign service workers, and educators abroad. Drive confidently across the EU and Schengen Area, and safeguard your vehicle during transit between homes with coverage that extends beyond third-party liability.

FAQ About Non-Resident Car Insurance in Spain

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