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  Spring 2015 | VOL 11. ISSUE 2
Clements Worldwide Newsletter May 2015
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Why Giving Back is Part of Clements Core Culture 


Jon Clements, Chairman of Clements Worldwide, learned from his family at an early age a profound respect for the risks Foreign Service members must face every day to protect American interests and help keep Americans safe. "That ideal of ensuring your life has a broader meaning is a foundation of this family-owned company and really shapes the culture," explains Chris Beck, President of Clements Worldwide.  

Building on its commitment to honor Foreign Service Members, Clements Worldwide gives several awards honoring those in Foreign Service and beyond, inspiring young people to also pursue a path of cultural diplomacy.   



  Kidnappings for Ransom is a Real Risk,  but You Can be Prepared!


Kidnapping from the Middle East or Somalia consistently make the headlines, but the Americas actually accounted for 21% of foreigner kidnappings in 2014.  National staff may also be targeted by these attacks.  


A common misconception is that large corporations are primarily at risk, but Clements has seen claims from all organization types, including universities and nonprofits -- big and small.  There are some basic precautions employees can take to protect themselves:

  • Read country risk reports before traveling to a new country
  • Understand risks with express kidnappings
  • Schedule all car services from reputable hotels
  • Never walk alone at night 


Are you an expat or HR manager at 

an international organization?

Consider this...


As international insurance experts for over 65 years, Clements can help you with a fully comprehensive suite of international insurance solutions, including:

Make sure you and your colleagues are fully protected when abroad with comprehensive international insurance from Clements Worldwide.



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Clements in the News


 The Three Things Businesses Should Know Before Expanding Overseas


PriceWaterhouseCoopers is predicting a 50% growth in overseas assignments by 2020.  Are you or your company prepared for the challenge?


Clements' Sergio Sanchez shares the top 3 things you should know before expanding overseas.  


Yemen War Clouds Raise Dangers for Top Oil Shipping Route


Clements' Smita Bhargava comments on the much deteriorated situation in Yemen. The focus instead is on helping customers evacuate this troubled country. 


Thinking Retirement? 




About a quarter of Americans with income over $100,000 are considering retiring abroad.  When asked what they fear most about spending their golden years overseas, 92% said they were worried about political or economic upheaval. 


"Americans appear to be forgoing retirement abroad due to fears of terrorism and potential political upheaval," said Sergio Sanchez of Clements Worldwide. "And that's unfortunate because our international claims data show that such risks, and the costs associated with them, pale in comparison to those created by insufficient health care coverage, or by having the wrong auto or personal accident insurance while abroad."




Sneak Preview: Clements Worldwide Risk Index
Coming next month, Clements Worldwide will release the first Clements Worldwide Risk Index, which will gather your opinions on which types of risk are most likely to influence your business over the coming year.  The published results will highlight what type of claims your peers are actually filing and which risks they are most concerned about in the near future.  
There is still time if you have not participated in the survey.  Go here to give us your opinions and ensure your access to the report findings.