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International Insurance Solutions

For you and your family

For you and
your family

Expat insurance designed for professionals, diplomatic staff, and their families who are living and working outside their home countries.
For your organization

For your

Corporate insurance for your international business, including worldwide auto, group health, life insurance, and more.
Strategic partnerships

For strategic

Innovative and customizable programs that bring added value to your organizations employees or associations members.
For agents and brokers

For agents
and brokers

Engage with our licensed insurance advisors to develop coverage options to meet any need.

We are driven by your success story

  • Personal & Family

    “I've had great experiences with Clements both for this post in China and a previous assignment in Jamaica a while back. Thank you and I will be contacting you in the future again, I'm sure.”
    Diplomat, China & Jamaica
  • Organizations

    “Can’t thank you enough. I’ve contacted other insurance providers who are far too complicated with their restrictions - too many “ifs” and “buts.””
    Diplomat, Various Locations
  • Strategic Partnerships

    “Thank you very much for your usual prompt support. It is really a pleasure working with you and Clements. I am very happy that I decided to use Clements as my insurer.”
    NGO, Kenya