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International Personal Accident Insurance

Be Prepared with Protection Anywhere You Are

Clements Worldwide personal accident insurance provides international coverage and payment in the unfortunate event of injuries, disability, or death by violent, accidental, external, and visible events.

Personal accident injury coverage provides peace of mind.

Rest assured that Clements Worldwide coverage will be there should anything happen to you. These benefits provide 24-hour protection anywhere in the world to individual expats on work assignment(s).

International Personal Accident Insurance Benefits

Our plan is easy and tailored to your needs. You can customize your policy and receive the following core and optional benefits:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Core Benefit)


Provides coverage due to an event of death caused by an accident or a dismemberment of limb.


This coverage is calculated up to 10 times your annual income.

Permanent Total Disability (Optional)


Provides coverage due to an accident which entirely prevents the insured person from attending to any business or occupation for which they are reasonably suited by training, education, or experience and which lasts twelve months (365 days) and at the end of that period is beyond hope of improvement.


Coverage is calculated up to 10 times your annual income.

Temporary Total Disability (Optional)


Provides coverage due to an accident that temporarily prevents the insured person from attending to their business or occupation. The benefit is payable per week up to a maximum of 52 weeks*. There is a waiting period, also known as an elimination period, of 14 days for each and every loss. The policy will only pay 14 days AFTER the date of loss (this period is non-payable).

*Weekly Benefit is 60% of monthly salary

Medical Expenses (Optional)


Medical Expenses

**coverage pays for medical, surgical, specialist’s fees, hospital, nursing home, and nursing attendance charges as well as costs for physiotherapy, massage, and manipulative treatment, and any required surgical and medical care related to an accidental injury, up to $1 million (USD).


Available limits to quote: Sickness can be included in our coverage; Deductible – $250 (USD).


**Medical Expenses are always in excess of any valid and collectible medical cover in place.

Evacuation and Repatriation (Optional)

Provides reasonable traveling expenses incurred to evacuate or repatriate the insured person if a qualified medical practitioner shall:


Estimate that the Insured Person is likely to be totally disabled in excess of 4 weeks, or


Certify that the Insured Person should be evacuated or repatriated because local facilities are inadequate of his/her condition or that his/her recovery will be substantially expedited by such evacuation or repatriation, and/or


In the case of death of the insured person, for reasonable funeral expenses or necessary expenses incurred in transporting the body or ashes to the normal country of domicile.

Customize Your International Personal Accident Coverage

Get insurance for injuries, temporary or permanent disability, accidental death. Add optional coverage for futher protection.
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