Why Giving Back is Part of Clements Core Culture

Jon Clements, Chairman of Clements Worldwide, learned from his family at an early age a profound respect for the risks Foreign Service members must face every day to protect American interests and help keep Americans safe. “That ideal of ensuring your life has a broader meaning is a foundation of this family-owned company and really shapes the culture,” explains Dan Tuman, President of Clements Worldwide.  

Building on its commitment to honor Foreign Service Members, Clements Worldwide gives several awards honoring those in Foreign Service and beyond, inspiring young people to also pursue a path of cultural diplomacy.  

M Juanita Guess AwardThe first award, the M Juanita Guess Award, has been presented every year since 1995 to a Community Liaison Officer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication, initiative, or imagination in assisting the families of Americans serving at an overseas post. Recent winners have served at posts in times of challenge such as Haiti in 2012 and Sudan in 2013, but other winners have also been from more peaceful posts but nevertheless worked to promote an environment where our American Foreign Service members and their families could thrive and be an example of the best America has to offer.

Foreign Service Youth Foundation Award for Community Service Clements began sponsoring the 2nd award in 2008, The Foreign Service Youth Foundation’s Award for Community Service. This award honors teenagers who have demonstrated outstanding volunteer efforts overseas, either in community service or in service to their peers, while facing the challenges of growing up living an international, mobile lifestyle. Two winners each receive a certificate of recognition for their volunteer work and a $2,000 savings bond sponsored by Clements Worldwide. 

Expat Youth ScholarshipAs the company has expanded beyond its foreign service roots in 2009, Clements Worldwide launched its annual Expat Youth Scholarship, for students aged 13 to 21 experiencing life in foreign countries, including children of American Foreign Service members abroad. Total scholarship contributions since 2009 will reach the $90,000 mark this year. “The EYS contest is another testament to Clements' ongoing commitment to the international expatriate community and cultural diplomacy as a way to encourage global peace and understanding,” says Tuman. 

While Clements also supports other international events, like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Rome, Italy each year, it still makes time to look at how to make a difference closer to home. “Even though our business focus is global and is a defining characteristic of our company and employees, we also encourage our staff to give back locally,” says Tuman. “We sponsor employee volunteer days to engage around the DC area.” At the most recent outing in April, Clements employees volunteered at the National Arboretum to celebrate Earth Day by assisting with invasive species removal and other activities. 

“We believe all these efforts help Clements feel like more than just an insurance broker to our customers and our employees. We see a lot of destruction in the claims that come through from around the world, particularly in high-risk countries across the Middle East and Africa. But we also represent and protect people around the world, who refuse to accept that as the status quo.  We are the insurance company that cares and we strive to live that every day,” says Tuman.  

Clements Worldwide is a proud sponsor of National Public Radio (NPR) and WAMU 88.5.  Public Radio  brings crucial news about the world through trusted voices and Clements Worldwide is happy to support this important programming. To listen to a segment sponsored by Clements Worldwide click here (the sponsorship announcement plays at the 7:50 time stamp).

  • 32 million Americans listen to NPR
  • 19 million individuals living abroad listen to NPR programming through online streaming or podcasts