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Canada Risk Assessment

The second-largest country by geographic area in the world, Canada spans from Newfoundland in the east to the Yukon in the west. The nation also shares the world's longest land border with its border with the US, and has a population of more than 34 million. Canada is also home to one of the largest economies,  based largely upon manufacturing, mining, service and agriculture.

According to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, roughly 724,000 British nationals travel to Canada each year. While most visits are trouble-free, there are still a number of risks present in life abroad. Severe winter weather is common, which could lead to travel delays and other hazardous situations. There is also an underlying threat of terrorism.

Due to these risks and others, you may want to consider international insurance prior to leaving your home country. 

  • Health

Before departing for Canada, you should contact your primary care physician to discuss any possible vaccinations and other preventative measures. Health care facilities generally have good standards, although treatment can be very expensive.

Clements Worldwide offers international GlobalCare® health insurance coverage. If expats are living outside Canada. and purchase a GlobalCare policy, they can spend up to 6 months in Canada with coverage. 

Source: UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Clements Worldwide

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