Israel Risk Assessment Country Guide

Working Abroad in Israel

Since its inception in 1948, Israel has become a well-developed nation and a global economic power. However, it is also the center of a large number of conflicts in the Middle East, most recently between other countries like Syria and Palestine.

Given these potential risks, it is advisable that all foreign travelers in Israel take out comprehensive international insurance coverage. Currently, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all but essential travel to the West Bank, Gaza, Sheba'a Farms and Ghajjar area near the Lebanese border. This is due to potential threats of rocket attacks and other military action. 

On August 23, 2016, the U.S. Department of State issued a travel warning against all travel to the Gaza Strip due to the complex political situation in Israel and the West Bank. The Gaza Strip is under the control of the Palestinian group Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, and violent demonstrations and shooting occur on a frequent basis. Political violence can occur with little advance warning, and regional developments often have a direct impact on local tensions.

Jerusalem can also be a center of political activity. Isolated protests and demonstrations take place both in the Old City and East Jerusalem, and you should avoid all public gatherings whenever possible. These incidents are more likely to occur after Friday prayers and on religious holidays.

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On May 14, 2015, the CDC issued a level 2 alert for those traveling to the Arabian Peninsula due to an outbreak of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) where symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath. 

Most health care facilities in Israel are of a very high standard, although the costs for these services can be expensive. Treatments are not free, and all hospitals will require payment, with some even preventing patients from leaving until all bills are paid. 

Therefore, you should contact your primary care physician prior to leaving your home country. You may want all needed vaccinations and other preventative measures before departing for Israel. 

Clements Worldwide provides Expat Health Insurance, which can help manage the costs of life abroad. Policies include USD 5 million in health care benefits, flexible payment methods and choice of deductible. Optional War and Terrorism coverage is also available. This level of insurance allows you to choose any doctor you want, wherever you are in the world outside your home country.

Some injuries or illnesses abroad may also require travel in order to receive proper levels of care. A Medical Evacuation and Repatriation insurance policy from Clements covers expenses to transport you to a capable medical facility in case a local medical center isn’t able to provide adequate treatment within Cambodia.

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Source: UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Clements Worldwide 

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The political situation in Israel can be volatile at times. Further violence could take place near Gaza and the Egypt border. In 2012, mortar shells fired from Syrian territory landed inside the Golan Heights region of the country. There are also unexploded land mines in the area, so you should take care and travel only on established roads or paths. There is a heavy military presence near the West Bank, which may limit some travel to and from the region. Demonstrations are common here, as well as in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel.

On April 18, 2016, an explosion on board a bus in Jerusalem injured at least 21 people, including two fatal injuries.

On October 13, 2015 in East Jerusalem, Baha Aliyan (22) and Bilal Ranem (23), armed with a firearm and a knife boarded a bus in East Jerusalem and started attacking and stabbing the passengers. One of the assailants tried to take control on the bus and locked the bus door to prevent the passengers from escaping. Police arrived, killed one of the assailants and neutralized the other, who left two dead and sixteen wounded.

Clements offers Personal Accident insurance, which protects your organization’s employees and their families' financial stability following an accident, regardless of whether it occurs on the job or during personal time. Coverage begins at USD 100,000 per person.

Driving conditions in Israel can be chaotic and dangerous. Accidents occur often, and hundreds of road deaths are reported each year. According to the UK Department for Transport, in 2012 there were 3.3 road deaths per 100,000 of population in Israel.

Clements offers Worldwide Car Insurance, which includes Physical Damage, Third Party Liability and Excess Liability coverage. With flexible deductible options and fast claims processing, your policy will provide coverage for your vehicle fleet whether it’s on the road, parked or transported abroad.

An optional Political Violence extension is also recommended, which broadens the coverage to include strikes, riots, malicious damage, sabotage, war, terrorism or civil unrest. 

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Source: UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Clements Worldwide 

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There is a general threat of kidnap and terrorism in Israel. These incidents often target public locations, like those visited by foreigners and expats. Extremists in the Gaza Strip and Egypt have been known to fire rockets into the country, and risk from small arms fire and artillery is a possibility. This danger increases near the Lebanon and Syria borders.

On October 29, 2016, in a cross-border attack suspected to have been perpetrated by Hezbollah, a soldier in the Israeli Defense Force was shot and killed.

On October 9, 2016 a member of the Hamas militant group killed 2 people and wounded six others waiting at a light rail station in East Jerusalem. The perpetrator was shot and killed by police.

On September 19, 2016, two Israeli police officers were wounded by a Palestinian who attacked with a knife near Herod’s gate. The attacker was killed by police forces.

On September 16, 2016, an Israeli police officer was wounded by a Palestinian person near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

On August 11, 2016, a Palestinian stabbed an 18-year-old Israeli with a screwdriver. The assailant ran away from the scene of the attack.

On June 30, 2016 in the West Bank, a 19 year old Palestinian broke into the bedroom of a 13 year old girl in a Jewish settlement and stabbed her to death. The attacker was shot dead. Another man was wounded in the fire exchange.

On June 30, 2016, a Palestinian from Tul Karem stabbed a man and an elderly woman in Natanya before being shot dead by an armed civilian after a pursuit.

On June 8, 2016 in Tel Aviv, two gunmen opened fire on several businesses, killing four people and injuring 18 others. Both are arrested at the scene.

On March 8, 2016 in Tel Aviv, a Palestinian man from Qalqilya stabbed three people at the Jaffa Port and then stabbed others near a restaurant in Charles Clore Park. One American tourist was killed and nine others were wounded. The assailant was shot dead by policemen.

On January 1, 2016, a gunman identified as Arab-Israeli Nasha'at Melhem, fired into a crowded Pub and several other businesses in Dizingoff Street in Tel Aviv, killing two civilians and wounding another seven. After fleeing the location, the attacker took a cab and then shot the driver dead. Nasha'at Melhem was found by Israeli counter-terrorism forces in his hometown Ar'ara on January 8, 2016 and was shot dead after a shootout.

On December 14, 2015 in Jerusalem, Palestinian man identified as Abed Almohsin Hassoneh rammed 11 people including an infant and an elderly woman in a bus stop in the entrance to Jerusalem. In the assailant’s vehicle police found an axe. Bystanders shot the assailant.

During the first two weeks of October 2015, Israel and Palestine experienced the worst outbreak of violence in years. What the Palestinians saw as an encroachment by the Israelis the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, resulted in the death of 32 Palestinians and 7 Israelis. 

A War and Terrorism insurance policy from Clements offers the right coverage against the risks of civil unrest, war, riots, looting and acts of terrorism.

Kidnapping might occur throughout the country, especially near Gaza and the Egypt border. A Kidnap and Ransom insurance policy from Clements ensures financial assistance following a kidnapping, such as independent investigations, negotiations, and the arrangement and delivery of funds.

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Source: UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Clements Worldwide 

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