Employment Practices Liability Coverage

Any type of organisation makes countless everyday decisions that impact employees from the day they are hired to the day they leave employment with your organisation.  These decisions include but are not limited to: hiring, compensation, promotions, accommodating disabilities, terminations, and more.  Regardless of your organisation’s intent, any of these actions could result in a claim by a disgruntled employee, particularly if it is not handled correctly.  Employees may view negative actions as defamation, libel, slander, misrepresentation or breach or an implied or actual employee contract.  Because of this view, employees can also argue emotional distress, mental anguish, or humiliation

Any of these individual claims could be substantial enough, regardless if you are a nonprofit, educational institution, or large multinational firm, to be extremely disruptive to the organisation.  Even if you are an organisation with best-in-class human resources processes, just defending against a lawsuit could exceed $250,000.  

If you are a company with employees in multiple countries, the types and severity of claims could vary significantly across country lines, and there may be differences for multinational staff vs. national staff in a specific country.  If you are a global organisation, it is critical to purchase your employment practices liability coverage from an organisation that has the experience to support regardless of location.

A Clements Employment Practices Liability policy will ensure that your organisation, regardless of size, is protected from employee lawsuits, both substantive and baseless, by covering settlements and legal costs. 

Benefits and Features

Clements Employment Practices liability insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters, including Lloyd's of London and others, and coverage includes:

  • Defense costs and settlement amounts.
  • Flexible options the policy can be designed to include contractors and volunteers as well as paid employees.

Additionally, managing employment practices claims can be challenging.  Clements can help mitigate risks and ensure that your claims are supposed by insurance specialists with expertise in your local geography and your industry.

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