Simplifying Board Liability for International Schools [Webinar]

Simplifying Board Liability for International Schools [Webinar]


Last updated May 4, 2023 4 minutes read

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Operating and serving on a Board of International Schools can be complex and riddled with personal liability exposures. Watch the deep dive into Educators Legal Liability and discuss the potential risks faced by Board members and management teams of international schools.

The Clements Worldwide International Schools Insurance Team, explores the intricate liability landscape, with special focus on Directors & Officers (D&O) liability, helping international schools understand the different coverage options available to mitigate harm and minimize potential financial losses.

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International Schools Insurance Team at Clements

The division specializes in customized insurance solutions for several insurance markets, including region-specific insurance for international schools. They have a deep understanding of the unique liabilities involved in international education.

Summary of the Webinar

Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance and School Board Liability are essential topics for educational institutions, particularly international schools. This presentation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the risk complexities faced by schools and the necessary insurance coverage for schools to mitigate potential liabilities.

Risk Complexity for International Schools

International schools face a wide range of risks, personnel, asset, liability, and location related.

Personnel Risks

These risks include health, life, disability, AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment), evacuation (medical, political, natural disaster, epidemic), worker’s compensation, student travel accidents, kidnap and ransom, and personal lines products for staff and parents.

Asset Protection

The protection of assets is a critical aspect for educational institutions. This section of the presentation covers property, construction, and campus expansion, business income, machinery and electronic equipment, crime and cash protection, vehicles and buses, as well as political violence and political risks.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is essential to safeguard educational institutions against various liabilities. This section discusses general liability, auto liability, educators’ legal liability, employers’ liability, incidental medical malpractice, accidental pollution, cyber liability, professional liability, fiduciary liability, and more. It also highlights the worldwide territory and jurisdiction coverage, including the USA and Canada.

Location-Specific Considerations

The presentation emphasizes the significance of location in determining insurance policies. It explores the policy differences for locals versus expatriates, policies required to be purchased locally, and coverage for political risks, war, terrorism, strikes, riots, looting, civil commotion, denial of access, loss of income, and catastrophic perils based on location.

Educator’s Legal Liability (ELL)

ELL insurance, also known as school board legal liability insurance, is a hybrid of D&O, employment practice liability, crime, fiduciary liability, and errors and omissions coverage. It provides protection against non-bodily injury/non-property damage liability claims made against administrators, employees, and staff members of a school.

Understanding D&O Insurance

D&O insurance offers liability coverage for company managers, protecting them from claims arising from decisions and actions taken within their regular duties. This section highlights the personal liability risks faced by directors and officers and the potential financial impact on their personal assets. It emphasizes the need for D&O insurance to mitigate these risks and allow directors and officers to focus on managing the company instead of costly litigation.

Key Coverage Extensions

The presentation explores key coverage extensions under D&O insurance, including director’s and officer’s liability, employment practices liability, in-built educator’s professional liability, fiduciary liability, and crime coverage.

Educator’s Legal Liability Coverage

This section provides an overview of what is covered under an educator’s legal liability policy. It includes coverage for directors and officers, limited protection for entities, who is covered, who can bring a claim, wrongful acts, employees, claims, punitive damages, policy limit applicability, and allocation of legal costs.


Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance and Educator’s Legal Liability (ELL) coverage are crucial for educational institutions to protect against various liabilities and risks.

Understanding these insurance policies and their extensions is vital for safeguarding the institution, its directors, officers, employees, and assets from potential legal and financial repercussions.

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You will also get access to our Scholars Resource Hub where we share checklists, best practices, presentations, and more.

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