Most Important Types of Directors & Officers Insurance for School Board Liability

Most Important Types of Directors & Officers Insurance for School Board Liability


Last updated November 15, 2021 3 minutes read

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Without proper safeguards, you could expose your school board and staff to numerous risks. Clements Worldwide’s educational webinar breaks down the complex liabilities international school board members and staff face, as well as the different coverage options available to them. That way, you can mitigate harm if the unexpected occurs. Join members of the international education and risk management communities as they dive into the intricate liability landscape for directors and officers of international school boards.

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Key Topics Covered:

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Smita Bhargava

Smita Bhargava, Senior VP, Clements Worldwide

Smita specializes in customized insurance solutions for several insurance markets, including region-specific insurance for international schools. She has a deep understanding of the unique liabilities involved in international education.

Webinar Overview

Here is a summary of the topics we covered:

International schools often struggle with providing their students, staff and school organization with quality protection and resources for unforeseen circumstances. Many of these circumstances can hurt students’ educational experiences and the staff’s safety and working environment.

A Safety Net for Monetary Losses

The financial burden that stems from illness, injuries, assault claims, medical malpractice, professional negligence and more can negatively affect the future of your school. It can also damage your school’s reputation for both prospective and current students and staff. Exceptional international combined liability insurance that covers all possible scenarios can save your school from potential financial losses and help secure the long-term success of your institution.

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Protect your international school and staff to secure long-term success.

Why Everyone Needs Professional Liability Insurance

When discussing the importance of risk management in professional liability insurance, it’s important to think about risk management procedures. Many educational institutions have complicated policies for handling claims. There are even more risk management policies for students, faculty members and staff. These policies are often written in unclear terms, leaving policyholders and managers responsible for dealing with difficult claims.

For this reason, the importance of professional liability insurance for international schools cannot be overstated. Policyholders and managers can have peace of mind, knowing that their staff is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills required to deal with and effectively manage complex situations. Plus, they know that their school, students, staff and other parties involved are covered if an incident occurs. In some cases, there may be a need for international directors and officers liability insurance, as well as specific policies regarding teachers, researchers and administrative staff. By consulting with a reputable risk management specialist, the benefits of a proper insurance policy can be explored and discussed in detail.

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We can do more through partnership. This is why Clements supports international school associations and councils around the globe through membership. These organizations provide an important platform for schools to exchange ideas and provide the best environment for education possible.

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