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Expat Insurance Around the Globe

Designed for expats, diplomatic staff, and professionals outside of their home countries, our international expat insurance policies give you the financial confidence to live almost anywhere in the world.


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For Foreign Service Members

As you serve your country overseas, we’ll keep you fully protected with flexible insurance solutions.
Foreign Service Insurance

We are driven
by your success story.

We are driven
by your success story.

Foreign Service

The service has always been there for me, quick issues or complicated questions, they are always ready and eager to help, by taking care of the customers with understanding, patience and friendliness.

– Diplomat in Mexico

We are driven
by your success story.

Personal Insurance

During our last move, the unthinkable happened: the container carrying everything we owned was lost at sea. Clements was responsive, professional and supportive throughout the experience.

– Diplomat in Egypt

Why Do I Need Expat Insurance?

Insurance needs for expats are different, as your home country’s policy may not cover you abroad. For example, health insurance plans may not cover overseas treatment, or your domestic life insurance policy may have clauses and exclusions regarding foreign residency and travel. Ensure you and your family have adequate coverage in all areas including car, health, life, property, disability, travel, and more.

Who Can Benefit from Expat Insurance?

Anyone traveling or residing outside their home country including but not limited to:

  • Remote workers/digital nomads
  • Professionals living and working abroad
  • Health care and nonprofit workers
  • Retirees living abroad
  • Individuals traveling internationally
  • Families traveling internationally
  • Missionaries

What Are Some Scenarios Where I Can Benefit from Expat Insurance?

The scenarios for expat insurance benefits are endless. We provide coverage in many areas including auto, life, health, property, disability, travel, and more, so anyone who needs that coverage and is traveling or residing across international borders can benefit from our protection. Policies can be written for nearly any length of time and customized to fit your budget.

FAQ About International Personal Insurance