Embassy Employee Associations: Protecting those who Support Foreign Service Members Abroad

insurance for embassiesSince 1947 Clements Worldwide has been serving the unique needs of foreign service members wherever they are stationed around the world and the Embassy Employee Associations that serve them. Embassies inherently face the unique challenge of trying to represent their home country and people in a foreign land. Associations that support them, known as Employee Associations, face many of the same risks.

The goal of these Employee Associations is to improve the “Embassy Community” with a variety of services, such as commissary, recreational facilities, pre-school, classes, etc and they exist based on revenues or dues they charge for services to foreign service members or others allowed on embassy property to use these services. All of these facilities, whenever feasible, must be on U.S. government held property. These associations may be staffed by hired employees or volunteers, often family members of foreign service members. Clements Worldwide created a special insurance package for them to manage their risks in even the most dangerous of countries. 

Insurance Policies Recommended for Embassies: 

Property Coverage: The property coverage provides replacement cost coverage for the property you own and can include coverage for business personal property, technology, and loss of business income. The property coverage of particular interest includes: boiler and machinery coverage and food spoilage

War & Terrorism and Political Violence: This property extension is standard with the Embassy Recreation & Welfare Plan and protects assets from the political violence risks such as civil unrest, war, riots, strikes, and acts of terrorism. 

General & Professional Liability: The Commercial General Liability coverage indemnifies the cost of third party bodily injury and property damage as a result of your operations abroad including legal costs and also includes insurance to financially protect against claims of negligence in the performance of specified professional services. The Embassy Recreation & Welfare Plan also includes liability related to liquor liability; corporal punishment; and sexual or physical abuse or molestation.

Crime insurance & Employee Benefits Liability:  Designed to protect an organization from losses due to either employee dishonesty or third party fraud. The types of fraud can range broadly from employee theft; expense report fraud; forgery; funds transfer fraud to identity theft.  Employee benefits liability also covers the liability of an employer for an error or omission in the administration of an employee benefit program.

Foreign Voluntary Workers' Compensation & Employer's LiabilityStatutory benefits paid to an employee or qualified dependents or medical providers as a result of job-related injury or illness, regardless of employer’s negligence or responsibility for the injury or illness. Employer’s Liability is coverage for suits arising out of work-related injury or illness, typically involving negligence or allegations of negligence by the employer. 

Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability: Offers commercial auto liability to pay for damages for any bodily injury or property damage from hired or non-owned automobiles. It also includes legal expenses should the policy deem necessary. 

Personal AccidentProvides your employees and beneficiaries with financial compensation in the unfortunate event of an accident during an international trip or living and working overseas. It offers 24 hour cover for Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Disablement and pays for Medical Expense, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation. Personal Accident benefits are payable in addition to Workers Compensation benefits.

Kidnap and RansomEnsures financial assistance following a kidnapping, such as ransom demands, deployment of a crisis response team to manage the abduction and legal liabilities that may arise as a result of the kidnapping.  

As your partner in mitigating international risk, Clements can develop a policy tailored to your organization’s needs, specifically for embassies and their staff. Call us today at +1.202.872.0060 or 800.872.0067 or email request@clements.com

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