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Clements Worldwide has over 70 years of experience providing international commercial insurance coverage to organizations around the world, including in high-risk areas. Our diverse portfolio offers a full range of products tailored to your organization, including specialty products, such as War & Terrorism, Kidnap & Ransom, Directors & Officers, Evacuation & Repatriation and Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance.

From quote to claim, our licensed account executives can service all your commercial insurance needs. By providing exceptional coverage and customized commercial insurance programs, Clements safeguards organizations from any unpredicted or unanticipated incidents.  

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International Business Insurance

Vehicle Fleet: Offers borderless coverage with physical damage, collision, theft, and liability coverage against most vehicle-related transportation hazard.  

Group Medical: Provide comprehensive health care coverage with a variety of benefits, including deductible amount options, minimal out-of-pocket expense for medical costs, medical evacuation, and a global network providing international direct billing in more 170 countries worldwide.

Personal AccidentProvides your employees and beneficiaries with financial compensation in the unfortunate event of an accident during an international trip or living and working overseas. It offers 24 hour cover for Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Disablement and pays for Medical Expense, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation. Personal Accident benefits are payable in addition to DBA or Workers Compensation benefits.

Defense Base Act: Required insurance per FAR 52.228-3 for all federally funded public works contracts overseas (OCONUS). Provides contractually required protection for the contractor’s civilian employees for medical expenses, lost wages, disability, and or death, including War Hazard, arising from work related injury or occupational illness. 

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation: Covers expenses to transport you to a capable medical facility in case a local medical center isn’t able to provide adequate treatment

Political Evacuation & Salary Continuation: Designed to protect international organizations and their staff from unforeseen financial consequences associated with the evacuation of personnel due to political instability or military confrontation.

Worldwide Stand Alone Property: Rest assured with multiple lines of property, including buildings, contents, computer equipment, machinery, stock, business income, and cargo.

Transit and Cargo Insurance: Covers goods in transit across high-risk regions by land, air or sea. Our War and Terrorism extension provides transit coverage against acts of war.

Kidnap and Ransom: Ensures financial assistance following a kidnapping, such as ransom demands, deployment of a crisis response team to manage the abduction and legal liabilities that may arise as a result of the kidnapping. 

War and Terrorism & Political Violence: Coverage extension can be added to several types of polices to protect personnel, assets and liabilities from  the political violence risks such as civil unrest, war, riots, strikes, and acts of terrorism. 

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* Refer to policy documents for details or exclusions.

Client & Partner Testimonials

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Case Study: Life Saved by Clements Kidnapping and Ransom Policy

In 2009, an NGO employee was working in an outpost in the Philippines. Late one night, members of a local gang broke into the compound and kidnapped the man at gunpoint. Fortunately, the NGO was well-prepared to access the needed funds and experts to safely facilitate the release of the kidnap victim, thanks to Clements' Kidnap and Ransom Insurance.

Clements sent in crisis consultants to negotiate the ransom amount and manage the situation. The Clements policy also funded the travel expenses for managers to travel to the organization’s headquarters in the United States to brief members of the board regarding the crisis. An employee was hired to replace the kidnap victim, and both his and the kidnap victim’s wages were covered by the policy.

After a successful negotiation to lower the ransom amount down, the kidnap victim was safely released after 109 days. Medical expenses and counseling for the kidnap victim following his safe return were also covered by the policy. With Clements’ Kidnap and Ransom policy, the NGO was able to ensure a safe return of the kidnap victim. 

Case Study: DBA Provides Lifetime Benefits to US National Employee’s Family   

A bomb exploded in an international development group’s Baghdad outpost, killing a US-national employee. As the sole breadwinner for his family with an annual salary of USD 125,000, plus 30 percent hazard pay, the employee was survived by his spouse and two children. 

Thanks to coverage through Clements’ DBA policy, the family received financial assistance following the NGO employee’s unfortunate passing. DBA coverage provided benefits to the family of the deceased, including: funeral expenses and lost wage death benefits of $1325 weekly, which is the maximum allowed by DBA.

NGO Case Study in Global Risk Magazine

Case Study: Damaged Fertilizer Shipment Replaced by Clements “Open Policy” Plan

A major fertilizer distributor received a surge of large contracts from Africa requiring transit through dangerous routes that passed through high theft and piracy areas. Clements designed a custom worldwide “open policy” plan for the distributor that provided worldwide coverage for all shipments of fertilizer to Africa.

Clements’ transit insurance coverage applied to different modes of transportation including land, sea and air transit across country borders. In addition, the coverage provided financial protection against employee strikes and riots during land transit, which is particularly important for a company with a growing employee base.

A few months after the policy took effect, the distributor experienced an accident during a shipment which resulted in some of the fertilizer burning. Thanks to the “open policy” that Clements crafted to meet the distributor’s needs, the client was not required to pay a deductible, and was fully reimbursed for the lost product.

Case Study: 15 Vehicles Saved from Looters thanks to Clements Political Violence Extension

On May 1, 2011, a prominent embassy in Tripoli, Libya, was overrun by looters following the fall of the Gaddafi regime. Twelve-foot walls and vehicular barriers could not prevent rioters from destroying 15 vehicles parked within the embassy compound. Fortunately, the vehicles were insured with up-to-date WorldAuto coverage from Clements that included a Political Violence Extension.