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International Teachers and Educators Insurance

Clements’ EducatorsAbroad® international teachers insurance program provides educators and the school staff community around the world with affordable international insurance solutions. That way, you can have peace of mind as you live and educate abroad.

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We understand the unique needs of educators living abroad. Since 1947, we’ve offered access to flexible worldwide insurance solutions. Our international teachers insurance coverage is available in over 170 countries and includes personal property insurance, auto insurance with physical damage and car theft insurance, flexible life policies, and more.

We have used Clements now for 10 years as expats and international teachers. We have been very happy with everything, especially the ease of being able to adjust policies whenever needed.
- International Teachers, Taiwan


Personal Property Insurance

From $60/year. Most frequently requested insurance by teachers. We cover your valuable personal property insurance needs globally. With no gaps in coverage your belongings are protected from the moment they’re shipped from your home, while in transit, during your time abroad, and back home again.

Coverage Highlights
  • Coverage at your overseas destination
  • Worldwide transit coverage
  • Laptop, phone, and camera equipment insurance
  • Jewelry and other high value items coverage
  • Suitcase coverage when traveling

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Car Insurance Worldwide

Our teachers car insurance provides global coverage for the international school community. Coverage includes physical damage, car theft, and optional top up excess liability protection. Borderless car insurance allows teachers to travel and have coverage anywhere they drive in the world.

Coverage Highlights
  • Borderless worldwide insurance for your car
  • Protection against uninsured motorists
  • Political violence protection
  • Towing and labor reimbursement
  • Excess liability option

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Other Teachers & Educators Insurance Options

Life Insurance
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Flexible 5 to 30 year term global life coverage options. Most affordable option for teachers.

Accident / Disability
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For educators who become disabled and can't perform their occupational duties. Covers loss of income.

Travel Health
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From 5 days to 1 year. Travel medical, trip cancellation, adventure travel, crisis response, single/multiple trips.

Personal Accident
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Global protection for injuries, disability, accidental death, medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation.


United States Coverage

Save on insurance for US local nationals, citizens returning from abroad, foreign nationals, or permanent residents.

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We can help lower your US car insurance in all 50 states.

US Home Quote >

Home, condo, renters and landlord coverage .

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Save on expensive vet bills with our dog & cat insurance. 


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Read about the custom tailored insurance coverages for educators abroad and the international school community.

EducatorsAbroad Insurance Brochure [PDF]

Insurance coverage areas for international teachers and educators brochure.


I’ve had Clements as my insurer for 35 years, since my first overseas position in Jamaica. Clements continues to be a great company to work with and I appreciate the support and ease of getting things taken care of with your support team. I will continue to recommend Clements to all our friends and family.
- Expat, Mexico

Following an incident that left my wife in the hospital and my car disposed, your teams have demonstrated patience, professionalism and excellent customer service in assisting us through extremely difficult times in a country where we have only basic knowledge of the native language and practices.
- International Teacher, Europe

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Insuring Expats Since 1947

Customizable policies with fast in-house claims processing.

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170+ Countries

We enable people to live and work in most countries around the globe.

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150+ International Schools

Number of International Schools insured by Clements.

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7 Out of 10

Foreign Service Officers choose Clements for their insurance needs.

The professionalism shown and assistance offered is exemplary. Staff were always helpful when we renewed our policy each year, and we are grateful for the help given when our camera was stolen.
- Expat Family, Africa

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We look forward to contributing to the success of your educational mission abroad by finding the best insurance solutions for you and your family.

If you have any questions, contact us at info@clements.com or call us at 800.872.0067 to speak to a dedicated account representative.

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Why Choose Us?

We’ve worked extensively with the international school community and specialize in insurance solutions for international schools and their staff.

Our journey in becoming a preferred global insurance provider began in 1947 with the creation of the first expatriate program exclusively for the US Foreign Service. With clients served in 170+ countries, we now manage worldwide insurance portfolios for professionals abroad, including educators, diplomats, digital nomads, retirees, short- and long-term expats, as well as international organizations.

Group Insurance Solutions for International Schools

If you are interested in discussing group solutions for all educational staff members, we’re happy to help and have many programs in place with international schools around the globe. Learn more about our group insurance solutions for international schools.

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Teachers Insurance FAQs

What am I Not Covered for Under International Teachers Insurance?

Teacher property insurance policies don’t cover political violence. However, political violence insurance is covered under teacher auto policies.

Coverage levels can depend on many factors, such as the risk level of your school’s locations and your individual coverage needs. A Clements insurance advisor can help determine the best options for you. Get in touch by filling out our contact form, calling us at 1.800.872.0067 or emailing us at info@clements.com.

Am I Covered for Any Natural Disasters?

Natural disasters are covered with the exception of earthquakes and floods from rising waters.

Can I Still Get Insurance if I am Already Teaching Abroad?

Yes, you can start your insurance policy whenever you like, whether you’re at home or abroad. If you choose coverage while still in your home country, make sure you get transit coverage as part of your international personal property policy when shipping belongings overseas.

Additional FAQs

Can I Add Transit Insurance for My Personal Belongings When I’m Already Abroad?

Yes, you can still add transit insurance to protect your personal belongings, even if you’re already teaching abroad. If you know you’re relocating soon, you can purchase a transit policy once you get closer to your moving date, rather than paying for it months or years in advance. Everyone’s situation is different, so speak with a Clements insurance advisor today to find the best option for you. Fill out our contact form, give us a call at 1.800.872.0067 or email us at info@clements.com.

How Long Do Policy Terms Last?

Policy terms last for one year and are typically renewed automatically.

Are Spouses and Children Covered Under My Teachers/Educators Personal Property Insurance?

All possessions in your home, including those of your spouse and children, are all covered under your teachers/educators personal property insurance policy.

Can Multiple Cars and Drivers Be Covered Under My Auto Policy?

Your car insurance policy can cover multiple cars and drivers, as long as the vehicles belong to the same family and all drivers are licensed.

Can I Make Changes to My Property or Auto Policies While They’re Still Active?

You can make changes to both your property and auto policies while they are still active.

You can add and remove items or vehicles from your policy at any time. If you want to request a change to your policy, contact a Clements insurance advisor today by filling out our contact form, calling us at 1.800.872.0067 or emailing us at info@clements.com.

Do My Rates Change if I’m Moving Country to Country?

Insurance rates may change depending on where you’re going. For instance, your rates shouldn't change if you’re moving within the same region. However, if you’re moving to a different region or continent, your premiums may increase or decrease, depending on the location.

Rates can often be subject to change depending on where you’re going and what’s happening in those areas; a Clements insurance advisor can answer any additional questions. You can reach out to us by filling out our contact form, calling us at 1.800.872.0067 or emailing us at info@clements.com.