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Insurance for International School Teachers and Educators

Stay Protected as You Teach Future Generations Overseas

As a member of the international school community, your impactful teaching makes a difference in countless students’ lives. Make sure you’re fully protected with the right overseas insurance so that you can focus on your work.

At Clements Worldwide, we understand the unique needs of teachers, administrators, and staff members at international schools. That is why we offer access to a range of insurance solutions specifically for individuals living abroad, helping you quote, buy, and get protected today.

Overseas Insurance Solutions for the School Community


  • Worldwide expat auto coverage that includes physical damage and excess liability protection
  • Borderless car insurance for teachers so you’re covered anywhere you drive in the world
  • Political violence protection covers your vehicle against damage resulting from riots, strikes, terrorism, and other dangers

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Personal Property / Contents

  • Customized international insurance policies for the international education community cover your household coverage needs, whether you’re already abroad or still in the process of planning your move
  • With no gaps in coverage during the relocation process, your belongings are protected from the moment they’re shipped from your home, while in transit, during your time abroad, and back home again
  • Scheduled coverage is available for high value items such as jewelry, fine art, electronics, musical instruments, and stamp, card, or coin collections

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  • Your beneficiaries receive a lump sum should the unthinkable occur
  • Choose the right plan option and coverage amount
  • Supplemental coverage available to complement any insurance provided by your employer
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Disability / Income Protection

  • International high-limit temporary and permanent disability options
  • Protects teachers and international school staff from loss of income due to no longer being able to work
  • Supplemental coverage available to complement any insurance provided by your employer
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Travel Medical

  • When teaching abroad, you may need specialized travel medical insurance to keep you protected while on vacation outside the country you’re working in
  • Choose international travel plans that cover you from 5 days up to several months or a full year
  • Some plans insurance options cover treatment for travelers who incur medical expenses caused by or resulting from COVID-19
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US Domestic Insurance Solutions

We’ll Ensure that You’re Continuously Covered, Even as You Return to the US

If you’re returning to the US after your time teaching abroad, you’ll want to be certain that there are no gaps in your insurance coverage. We will ensure that you’re seamlessly covered while you’re overseas, as you travel back to the US, and during your time in the States. You have plenty to think about as you return stateside. Have peace of mind knowing that we’ll keep you covered throughout the moving process.

US Car

  • Car insurance for foreign nationals, permanent residents, or US citizens returning home and needing coverage in more than one country
  • We accept some countries’ No Claims Bonus and apply the discount to your policy
  • Fully comprehensive coverage that includes physical damage and third party liability insurance
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US Home and Property

  • We offer renters, homeowners, and landlord insurance for educators to cover your residence, possessions, and personal liability
  • Your home or other structures on your property, such as a shed, are fully protected
  • Personal belongings and contents like furniture, clothing, and appliances will be repaired or replaced should they become damaged while in transit to your new home
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We understand that insurance for international teachers, administrators, and support staff can be complicated and confusing, so we’re here to help. Get in touch with one of our insurance solutions experts to ensure you’re fully protected and have the comprehensive coverage you need to make your time abroad successful and stress-free.

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Group Insurance Solutions for International Schools

If you are interested in discussing group solutions for all educational staff members, we’re happy to help and have many programs in place with international schools around the globe. Learn more about our commercial group insurance solutions.