Voluntary Benefits

In an increasingly global world employers are finding it necessary to provide employees with worthwhile programs. Through Clements Worldwide employers can offer robust benefit plans that are specifically designed to meet the needs of employees living and working outside of their country of citizenship.

Advantage for Employers

With Clements Worldwide Voluntary Benefits employers can provide employees with worldwide benefit plans that meet essential needs without spending money that affects the bottom line.

  • Zero cost to employer
  • Designed for international employees
  • Turn Key solutions that can be implemented immediately
  • Dedicated Account Executive

Advantage for Employees

Our plans allow employees to purchase worldwide coverage at a discounted rate that protects their families as well as themselves.

  • Discounted rate
  • International coverage
  • Easy online enrollment

Your employees are the back bone of your company and taking care of them is essential. Clements can work with you to create a Voluntary Benefits Program that meets your organization's needs, requirements and budget. Call us today at +1.800.693.1087 or e-mail cps@clements.com to discuss your organization’s needs.

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Coverage Types

Term Life – An internationally portable coverage that provides financial protection for the beneficiaries in the event of the insureds death.

Health - A comprehensive health care coverage with a variety of benefits, including deductible amount options, minimal out-of-pocket expense for medical costs, medical evacuation, and a global network providing international direct billing in more 170 countries worldwide.

Disability – Financial protection that covers the loss of income in the event of disablement. Temporary and Permanent options available.

Property – Coverage for items damaged while moving, traveling or while inside your home abroad.

Personal Accident – Financial coverage for the events that arise from personal accidents such as hospitalization and medical evacuation.

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