Affinity Programs

Many organizations have branched into international waters, opening their membership to residents and expats of other countries. Those organizations are now faced with the task of offering benefits that satisfy the needs and wants of that membership base. Through Clements Worldwide, organizations can offer robust benefit plans that are specifically designed to meet the needs of employees living and working outside of their country of citizenship while providing the organization with non-dues revenue.

Advantages for Organizations

With Clements Worldwide Affinity Programs organizations can provide members with worldwide benefit plans that meet essential needs without allocating dollars that are essential to the organizations mission.

  • Non-dues revenue stream
  • Designed for international members
  • Turn Key solutions that can be implemented quickly
  • Dedicated account executive
  • Dedicated marketing team

Advantages for Members

Our plans allow members to purchase worldwide coverage at a discounted rate that protects their families as well as themselves.

  • Discounted rate
  • International coverage
  • Easy online enrollment

Benefits Plans

Term Life
Disability (Loss of Income)
Personal Accident

Your members are a vital part of your organizations and taking care of them is important to the organizations future. Clements can create an Affinity Program that meets your organization's needs, requirements and budget. Call us today at +1.800.693.1087 or e-mail to discuss your organization’s needs.

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