How to Commit to Moving Your Family Abroad

Moving your family to a foreign country takes much more planning and careful consideration than moving by yourself. Families that live overseas, find a high quality of life, comfort and ample job opportunities in their new countries. With that in mind, here are a few tips to make the jump and bring a growing family abroad:

Overseas property insurance

Decide where you want to live
Deciding which country to raise your family overseas is a time consuming process. Nomad Capitalist recommends engaging all members of your family in the decision process to ensure a smooth transitoin.

Andrew Henderson, in an article for Nomad Capitalist, wrote that different parts of the world offer different things - for example, Asia has a rich culture and strong entrepreneurship, while Mexico and Central America often provide a slower pace of life. These are important things to keep in mind, because they will affect how you and your family live.

Henderson recommended taking a year and going on a few test runs. Ideally, use vacation time to spend a week or two in the countries that are on the top of your list. This time will be perfect to perform research, see how your family reacts and prevent you from making the decision based off of the Internet or other people's opinions. Better yet, while on vacation you can meet locals, see what attractions the country has to offer and gauge the job market. 

Be committed to the move                            
Taking the plunge and moving abroad can be intimidating, but it is often a fruitful and rewarding decision. According to International Living, it can help to have strong convictions about the reasons for the move. For example, decide if you want your children to learn new languages and cultures, or figure out whether or not an alternative way of life to your home country will be beneficial. It can help to make a pros and cons list. This way, you'll have the important points down on paper in front of you, and that will help clarify any concerns and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of becoming an expat. 

In addition, International Living stressed that the life of an expat is one that requires good planning, hard work and a firm understanding of what the move entails. Most importantly, be confident in your decision and don't look back. With the right planning in place, it will be easier to enjoy life abroad and help your family adapt to their new environment.

Above all else, make sure you have the international insurance plans in place ahead of time. Moving abroad is a significant financial decision, and indemnification will prevent you from paying for major expenses out of pocket. When family is involved, few policies are as important as international health insurance plans. Children's medical bills can add up, and having coverage in place can allow you to continue living and working abroad comfortably outside your home country.

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