International Property Insurance

Since 1947, Clements Worldwide has provided innovative insurance solutions to individuals and organizations from any nationality operating outside of their home country. Clements understands your needs while living and traveling abroad, and offers comprehensive, portable property insurance that is crafted specifically for life outside of your home country.

Clements’ International Personal Property coverage provides insurance for items damaged during a move, while traveling or while inside your home abroad. Clements offers expert, world-class service recognized across the industry that can help simplify your life overseas. 

Policies include destination coverage, which is designed for expats who are already living abroad. Unscheduled items such as household goods and clothing are covered at full replacement cost and include coverage while in your foreign residence, commercial storage or while traveling.

Clements also provides unscheduled coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, artwork, or computers.  Clements provides the option of purchasing transit and foreign destination coverage for professionals who have not yet moved to their foreign destination and includes "All-Risks" transit coverage while your property is being relocated. This coverage is combined to eliminate the gaps that occur by purchasing separate policies.

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Coverage with a Clements' Personal Property insurance policy guarantees financial stability in the event of an unfortunate loss or damages.Clements' Personal Property insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's and benefits and features include*:

Full replacement cost paid on claims: Clements will not depreciate or just pay cash value for your damaged or lost property like other insurers may do. We even cover breakage.

No Gaps in Coverage: Your items will be protected from the moment they are shipped from your home and throughout transit. Coverage also extends to the entirety of the overseas stay and throughout your return trip home. 

Free USD 500,000 Personal Liability Protection: Every Clements Personal Property policy includes complimentary personal liability coverage, so that you are financially protected in case someone is injured while on your property or if damages affect others. Personal Liability protection includes USD 500,000 – at no additional cost.

USD 10,000 included for Identity Fraud ReimbursementCoverage for legal and communication expenses, associated with defending an identity fraud claim against you by financial institutions, removing incorrect judgments or challenging consumer credit rating.

Protect What You Value the Most: Household effects will fall under unscheduled coverage. However, for high-value items, Clements offers the option of scheduled coverage for items such as jewelry, artwork, or computers so that you can have peace of mind while shipping your valuable goods.

Scheduled coverage has no deductible: Unscheduled coverage has a deductible of USD 250 per loss, or USD 100 per loss for select policies

* Limits and restrictions apply.

Additional Terms and Conditions: For unscheduled coverage, the first $100 of any one loss at your destination or the first $250 of any transit loss is not covered. A standard war exclusion clause applies. Unscheduled coverage is limited to $2500 coverage in the aggregate per loss for unscheduled jewelry, precious stones, watches, furs, silver, objects of art, computer equipment, camera and photographic equipment, musical instruments (except pianos), golfers equipment, stamp and coin collections and other similar valuables. Refer to Scheduled Coverage section for proper coverage of these items. A standard war exclusion clause applies. No recovery is available for losses caused by wear and tear or gradual deterioration under Scheduled Coverage. 

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 Comprehensive  Coverage  Truly worldwide coverage for breakage, marring, theft, fire, denting,  scratching, or  loss
 Optional Extensions   Get additional umbrella liability coverage up to US 3,000,000 as well as  coverage for items left in commercial storage
 Location of Coverage                                       Coverage is available worldwide while on temporary or permanent  assignment
 Deductible   USD 100 per loss at destination (select policies), USD 250 per loss in-transit
 Minimum Policy Value  USD 5,000 of Unscheduled Foreign Residence Coverage 
 Scheduled Items   Scheduled items should be valued at USD 500 or more, an appraisal  or purchase receipt is required for each scheduled item valued at USD 10,000 or more. Scheduled items are not subject to deductible.
 Exclusions                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Standard war exclusion applies. Coverage not available for the following  items: animals, boats, automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, other conveyances and/or their furnishings and appurtenances, accounts, bills  deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, passports, documents, stamps, securities, railroad or other tickets. Coverage not applicable to general wear and tear, and gradual deterioration. See contract for more details. 

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What is covered?

Personal property policies provide coverage against fire, theft and damage, water damage from rain/wind and personal liability at no extra charge. Losses are subject to your deductible for unscheduled property. No deductible applies to scheduled property.

How do you provide commercial storage coverage in home country?

Yes, any items in commercial storage are covered.

Can I add Transit & Cargo insurance to my personal property policy?

Yes, you can add Transit & Cargo coverage anytime.

Can I add or subtract items from my policy anytime?

Yes, the personal property policy is very flexible, allowing you to add or subtract items at any time.

Do you require appraisals for coverage?

We only require appraisals on scheduled items valued at $10,000 or more.   

What is excluded from my policy?

Personal property policies do not cover flooding, earthquakes, wear and tear, unoccupied residence after 60 days, and shipment by mail.

How can I file a claim?

All claims must be reported within 90 days with a claims form. You’ll need to provide a policy/embassy report for theft and accidents. All cancellations must be in writing. You’ll need to submit a bill of lading for proof of cancellations over 30 days. Clements provides pro rated refunds except on transit only policies.  

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