Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance

With more than USD 25,000,000 worth of recorded cases ransom demands in more than 14 countries in recent years, it is critical to protect your international staff members from kidnappings. Whether your employees operate in high-risk locations or not, they may not be immune from kidnappers, who usually target foreign workers, refuse to negotiate and resort to violence until their demands are met.

The 206 reported incidents of piracy and 11 hijackings in 2013 alone indicate that kidnapping and ransom is on the rise. Due to the increasing prevalence of kidnap and ransom incidents, organisations with employees traveling overseas to high-risk countries are key targets. These organisations include NGOs (non-governmental organisations), multinational businesses as well as high net-worth individuals and their families. Clements Worldwide’s Kidnap and Ransom Insurance provides financial indemnification and expert crisis management in the event of a kidnapping for ransom, wrongful detention and/or extortion. We offer confidential protection and provide assistance to the family and employer, including independent investigations, negotiations, arrangement and delivery of funds, and other services vital to a safe, speedy and satisfactory resolution.

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Benefits & Features

The kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance from Clements is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's and coverage includes: 

Ransom Monies: Full reimbursement of any monies which the insured person(s) has paid or lost due to kidnapping or extortion.

Transit/Delivery: Full reimbursement of loss due to the destruction, disappearance, confiscation, or wrongful appropriation of ransom monies while in the process of being delivered due to a covered kidnapping or extortion.

Accidental Death or Dismemberment: Death or permanent total physical disablement of an insured person sustained during a kidnapping, wrongful detention, extortion, or hijacking event.

Judgments and Legal Liability: Coverage of cost incurred as a result of any claim or suit brought on by any insured person against the insured.

Unlimited Consultant Fees: Service fees for independent legal/PR counsel, negotiators, security consultants.

Optional extensions: Political/Security Evacuation, Threat, Disappearance, Express Kidnapping.

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Case Study: Life Saved by Clements Kidnapping and Ransom Policy

In 2009, an NGO employee was working in an outpost in the Philippines. Late one night, members of a local gang broke into the compound and kidnapped the man at gunpoint. Fortunately, the NGO was well-prepared to access the needed funds and experts to safely facilitate the release of the kidnap victim, thanks to Clements' Kidnap and Ransom Insurance.

Clements sent in crisis consultants to negotiate the ransom amount and manage the situation. The Clements policy also funded the travel expenses for managers to travel to the organization’s headquarters in the United States to brief members of the board regarding the crisis. An employee was hired to replace the kidnap victim, and both his and the kidnap victim’s wages were covered by the policy.

After a successful negotiation to lower the ransom amount down, the kidnap victim was safely released after 109 days. Medical expenses and counseling for the kidnap victim following his safe return were also covered by the policy. With Clements’ Kidnap and Ransom policy, the NGO was able to ensure a safe return of the kidnap victim. 

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