Risk Advisory

With 6 in 7 people projected to be located in an emerging or frontier market by 2016, firms that neglect this engine of growth will severely strain their opportunities. Clements Partner Solutions provides an unbiased pre-investment (pre-deployment) due diligence on proposed cross-border expansions to help firms tap these new markets in a responsible and sustainable manner. Working closely with investment managers, committees and risk practitioners, Clements utilizes a unique practice taking into consideration a broad spectrum of risks for the betterment your operations.

Key services include:

  • Fleet Surveys / Audits
  • Ongoing claims management and processing
  • Management reporting
  • Cause of loss triangulation / analysis
  • Stop-loss and catastrophic solutions

As risk knows no boundaries, so too, our methodology can be applied to any industry in any region of the world, helping practitioners make sound investment and market expansion decisions.

While risk is dynamic, most control mechanisms applied by even the best run firms are static.  In order to aid risk managers in staying ahead of the curve, our risk management audits comprehensively assess organizational readiness and determine how conditions have evolved around existing cross-border operations. 

Risk Advisory

Methodology at a glance:

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Normalization
  • Decision Support

Please email cps@clements.com to discuss how we can partner with you.