Welcome to Clements Partner Solutions

Achieving value from risk, Clements Worldwide’s Partner Solutions leverages 68 years of insurance and risk management expertise in helping partners’ add value for their customers, enter new markets and innovate.  Covering a broad spectrum of insurance services, Partner Solutions helps launch and manage affinity programs of global scope.  Our work is informed by a rich consultative model that answers the question "What can we do together that we cannot do on our own?"  

Partner Solutions offers a range of services, decision support tools and consultative engagements designed to help firms maximize the value of their international market opportunities and mitigate the risks in their worldwide operations.

Global Reach

Partner Solutions empowers partners to better serve their customers, members and international market opportunities, especially those found in high risk areas, developing countries or fast growing emerging markets. 

Clements’ legendary spirit of “insuring the uninsurable” --offering conventional coverage in unconventional places--, drives us to find transformative results for our partners.

Insurance Consulting Methodology

Our unique partnering methodology is highly selective, and focuses on striking strategic alliances where there is clear value or competitive advantages to be gained by our partners in their core business.  All partnerships have deferred costs or pure cost recovery models, which means our solutions pay for themselves and deliver dividends down the road.

Refer to the Partnering Process section to understand how we can work together to build value and brand equity.  

Please e-mail cps@clements.com to discuss how we can partner with you