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If you are a multinational organization operating in some of the countries with the highest risk in the world, you have to face the reality that at some point you may be forced to close operations temporarily for any number of natural disasters.  In low-income countries, catastrophes such as fires, storm damage, or hurricanes can have a much larger aftermath than a similar event in a developed country where infrastructure and rescue services helps restore normalcy.  For example, the devastating Haiti earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 crippled the nation’s economy as it displaced over 1.5 million people, killed over 230,000 people, and demolished over 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings, and 4,922 schools.

Therefore, all types of organizations from nonprofits and educational institutions to large multi-national companies should consider business interruption insurance to pay an organization’s lost income and fixed costs.   

Many organizations mistakenly believe that their property insurance will provide coverage for lost income and fixed costs.  Typically property insurance will only include reimbursement costs for assets. Business Interruption insurance supports property insurance.  If there is direct damage to the organization that correlates to the loss of business property, business interruption insurance can support an organization through those difficult times. 

Clements Business Interruption insurance can cover organizations around the globe to maintain their organizational mission.  It can also be paired with war & terrorism (i.e. political violence coverage) to cover acts of civil disobedience or terrorism that effect an organization’s operations. 

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Benefits and Features

Clements Business Interruption insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters, including Lloyd's of London and others, and coverage includes:

  • Lost income: A catastrophic event could result in suspended operations for days, months or even years, with significant revenue disruptions.  Business interruption insurance can provide reimbursement for an average monthly income for a time period designated in the policy.
  • Fixed expenses:  Salaries, rent, healthcare costs, etc. are all costs that an organization will still need to pay even when it is not generating revenue.  Does your organization have enough even to pay salary costs for a couple months with no corresponding revenue?  Business interruption insurance can keep an organization solvent and care for employees in case of a disaster.
  • Relocation expenses: Your organization may determine that the severity of the crisis will limit operations for such a significant time period that it makes sense to relocate either temporarily or permanently.  Business Interruption Insurance can support moving and relocation costs. 
  • Extra expenses:  There will undoubtedly be other incidental expenses related to the closing, relocating, or reopening of your business.  Depending on the parameters of your policy, other expense types may also be included. 

*Typically floods and earthquakes are excluded from natural disaster policies.

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