WorldAuto® International Fleet Insurance Program

international fleet insuranceCommercial car and truck fleets represent valuable assets for companies with operations abroad. International roads are not always easily, or safely, navigable with potentially treacherous road conditions and inferior infrastructure which can cause significant damage to vehicles every day. Depending on the location of the vehicles, other risks also include car-jacking and theft.

To protect these assets, Clements Worldwide has designed a comprehensive WorldAuto® International Fleet Insurance program. The program offers borderless coverage with physical damage and liability coverage against every vehicle-related transportation hazard.  

Whether your vehicle fleet is in the Middle East or Africa, we can create a customized insurance solution for your organization providing full protection for your fleet. With over 70 years of experience working with clients in conflict regions, Clements has the expertise to provide organizations with the right coverage anywhere in the world*.

*Subject to certain country restrictions. Contact Clements for more information. 

While other auto policies typically exclude damage incurred as a result of riots and acts of political violence, Clements offers a unique civil unrest extension that allows embassy employees to be compensated for the full value of their vehicles.Clements can work with you to create a WorldAuto program that meets your organization's needs, budget and other requirements.

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Clements’ WorldAuto International Fleet Insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's and provides borderless coverage in addition to*:

Comprehensive & Collision CoverageClements provides coverage for all vehicles in an organization’s fleet, including armored vehicles, buses, motorcycles, trucks, and SUVs. This protection extends to physical damage, as well as excess liability (third party) insurance. We provide theft and collision coverage for your international vehicle fleet while being transported, operated or parked abroad.

Excess LiabilityOften, Third Party Liability policies purchased through local providers do not provide an adequate level of coverage for expats. In case of an accident where there is liability exposure, basic local currency coverage most likely will be insufficient to settle all claims.  To eliminate such a potential gap in coverage, Clements’ WorldAuto program offers supplemental Automobile Excess Liability Insurance, which increases your coverage limits and extends your coverage worldwide.

Political Violence Extension: An optional policy extension that further protects organizations from financial risks by broadening the coverage to include strikes, riots, malicious damage, sabotage, war, terrorism or civil unrest.

Personal Accident Extension: A worldwide coverage developed to provide financial stability should an unforeseen event involving a fleet vehicle result in the permanent disability or accidental death of a driver or passenger. Local policies frequently do not offer this extension.

Flexible Coverage: Clements designs each individual program in order to give organizations the best rates and the most appropriate coverage. This approach helps organizations to receive full protection, with no gaps or breaks in coverage when crossing borders.

World-Class Claims Service: Clements is known for its world-class claims service, dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to present your claim and obtain payment for your loss. Our in-house claims department is dedicated to serving you and assisting you throughout the entire claims process.

Automobile Rental Reimbursement and Disablement Towing Coverage: This coverage provides Reimbursement of Automobile Rental Insurance expenses while you are renting an automobile in the U.S. or Canada. Remember, this feature does not provide insurance coverage on the rental vehicle, but simply reimburses you for the cost to purchase the rental agency's daily insurance package. Some limitations apply.

*Additional Terms & Conditions
1. A deductible applies. 2. A standard war exclusion applies. 3. Coverage is excluded while the automobile is within the United States or Canada and their territories and possessions. The description of insurance coverage in this page is a summary only. The coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions contained in the policy of insurance. In the event of any conflict between the outline of coverage herein and the policy of insurance, the provisions contained in the policy of insurance will govern.

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How do I know which coverage to choose?

Clements recommends to discuss your vehicle and/or fleet exposure with one of our representatives in order to find the right coverage for your organization. In general, however, obtaining Physical Damage and Excess Liability for full comprehensive protection is always advised.

What are the coverage limits for Excess Liability?

Coverage starts at USD 500,000 for Excess Liability.

Which countries are excluded from coverage?

Clements provides Physical Damage and Excess Liability coverage for 170 countries and excludes countries where the US maintains trade or diplomatic sanctions, ex. Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Burma/Myanmar, and Sudan (unless receipt of an OFAC waiver).

How long does the Claims process take?

Clements has an unparalleled commitment to service and the clear understanding of the importance of prompt, customer-friendly claims handling. For this WorldAuto Program, all claims are processed within in-house Clements. This allows for a simplified claims process:

  1. Client reports claim to centralized office of Clements in Washington, DC. 
  2. Client completes statement of loss and forwards a repair estimate from their body shop or mechanic of choice. 
  3. Client forwards estimate to Clements to fund or reimburse repairs.
  4. Claims are paid in USD within 5-7 business days.

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Case Study

On May 1, 2011, a prominent embassy in Tripoli, Libya, was overrun by looters following the fall of the Gaddafi regime. Twelve-foot walls and vehicular barriers could not prevent rioters from destroying 15 vehicles parked within the embassy compound. Fortunately, the vehicles were insured with up-to-date WorldAuto coverage from Clements that included a Political Violence Extension.

Clements Worldwide Fleet Data Analysis for Improving Insurance Expense Management 


Fleet Data Analysis

Clements recently conducted a comprehensive audit of its vehicles and claims data over the past two years to determine trends that could assist fleet managers and directors to improve their insurance expense management.  This fleet data analysis report covered over 11,000 vehicles with 47% of those vehicles located in severe or extreme risk markets as designated by Lloyd's of London.  

Here are some guides and best practices on how to protect your vehicle fleet: