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insurance for international schoolsClements Worldwide is the reference when it comes to meeting the insurance needs of the international school community around the world.  For over 30 years, Clements has worked with more than 200 international schools and universities around the world, offering flexible international school insurance programs.

As international insurance becomes a critical component of a school’s recruiting package, when schools offer Clements’ comprehensive protections, the best international educators find it easier to accept a teaching offer and transition to a new position abroad.  What’s more, our programs allow each school’s plan to be developed individually, providing solutions to specific regional requirements and organizational needs.

Clements offers competitive and comprehensive insurance coverage for property, health, auto and liability as well as unique protection for international risks such as kidnap and ransom and salary continuation. 

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The Clements portfolio of insurance products tailored to international schools includes:

Scholars® Health Program: Delivers school staff members with comprehensive international health care coverage, from one of the largest worldwide networks of qualified physicians anywhere, including access to more than 700,000 medical providers in the United States. Moreover, Scholars offers Direct Pay, which means members don’t have to always wait for reimbursements, limiting out of pocket expenses abroad.

Vehicle Fleet including Buses: Offers international car and bus insurance, which includes Comprehensive, Collision, Theft, Physical Damage including Political Violence, and Excess Liability coverage. 

Life Insurance: Clements offers international Group Life Insurance to protect your staff’s beneficiaries against future financial burdens should an untimely loss occur, anywhere in the world.

Group Disability Insurance: Also known as Loss of Income Insurance, this coverage pays a portion of an employee's salary should an unexpected accident or illness force them to cease working temporarily or permanently. 

Commercial General Liability InsuranceCoverage indemnifies the cost of third party bodily injury and property damage as a result of your operations abroad including legal costs. The policy also covers aggregate products/completed operations liability.

Foreign Property & Liability: Provides replacement cost coverage for the school buildings and property owned by the school.

Educator’s Legal Liability: Protects the educational institution, board members, trustees, committee members, officers, deans, teachers and other faculty members against personal and professional liability claims that could be brought against them as a result of their work. The program provides coverage for claims including wrongful termination, wrongful dismissal, and negligent counseling.  Below is a brief description of the coverage included in the ELL program. 

Directors & OfficersProvides organizations, directors, officers and board members with the proper coverage in the event they are sued for alleged wrongful acts or negligence. It covers legal liabilities for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity as directors and officers and protects the personal finances of those board members that are exposed. Employments Practices liability is available with D&O to protect against suits from wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment.

Employment Practice Liability (EPL): Covers claims by workers that their legal rights as employees of the company have been violated.  EPL provides protection against many kinds of employee lawsuits, including claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, among others.  

Errors and OmissionsAlso known as professional liability, it is a form of insurance to financially protect against claims of negligence in the performance of specified professional services.

Political Evacuation & Salary ContinuationDesigned to protect international organizations and their staff from unforeseen financial consequences associated with the evacuation of personnel due to political instability or military confrontation.

Kidnap and Ransom: Ensures financial assistance following a kidnapping, such as ransom demands, deployment of a crisis response team to manage the abduction and legal liabilities that may arise as a result of the kidnapping. 

School Travel Accident: Provides your students, employees, administrators and volunteers with financial compensation in the unfortunate event of an accident during an school trip while living and working overseas, including specialized coverage for amateur sports tournaments.   

Call us today at +1.202.872.0060 or 800.872.0067 or e-mail to find out how Clements can develop a customized international insurance program for your school.

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Case Study: Tragic Field Trip Accident in Southwest Asia Covered by Clements

In 2011, a tragic event occurred during a field trip with an international non-profit school based in Southwest Asia. While being transported in a pickup truck to a nearby farm, one of the students fell out of the moving vehicle and suffered a fatal head injury. The child's parents sued the school knowing they would not receive any financial recourse from the farm owners and could not take them to court due to regional limitations of the country’s legal system.

Clements immediately worked with the underwriter to assign a claims adjuster and team of attorneys to represent the school. A settlement was reached, and the insuring company compensated the parents. Thanks to Clements’ general liability coverage of the school’s foreign package policy, the settlement and related attorney’s fees were paid by the policy. 

Call us today at +1.202.872.0060 or 800.872.0067 or e-mail to find out how Clements can develop a customized international insurance program for your school.

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