International Term Life Insurance

international life insurance

Protecting your family or assets should be your top priority. Coverage means financial security for your family, outstanding debts, or your business ventures. We have partnered with UniLife to provide customized coverage options that meet your needs - wherever you are in the world*. We provide portable insurance with cover up to $6.5 million and terms starting from 5 years.

Keep your loved ones and assets protected with our specialized term life insurance solution. Our coverage provides a lump sum payment to your beneficiary. Payment occurs in the event of death by any cause, including accidental death*.

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*Terms and Conditions apply, subject to policy exclusions.   

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Our Term Life Insuranace means that the future financial needs of your family and loved ones are provided for should the unthinkable occur. Policy features include:

  • Your choice of currency between USD, Euros, or GBP
  • Minimum Sum Insured: USD $50,000.00 or currency equivalent
  • Maximum Sum Insured: USD 6,500,000.00 or currency equivalent
  • Waiver of Premium: benefit waives regular premiums where the life insured is disabled and unable to work for a continuous period of at least six months. Policy premiums are waived until a return to work or until the policy anniversary preceding 60th Birthday of the life insured, whichever happens first.
  • Accidental Death: This Benefit provides an additional lump sum in the event of accidental death. Benefit ceases at age 70. 

*Limits and restrictions apply. Subject to policy terms and conditions. Subject to certain country restrictions. Coverage is excluded in the United States and Canada and their territories and possessions. 

Minimum and Maximum Coverage                  

Minimum Sum Insured US $50,000.00 or currency equivalent
Maximum Sum Insured US $6,500,000.00 or currency equivalent

Higher sums insured can be considered. Please call us

Waiver of Premium

Benefit waives regular premiums where the life insured is disabled and unable to work for a continuous period of at least six months. Policy premiums are waived until a return to work or until the policy anniversary preceding 60th Birthday of the life insured, whichever happens first.

Accidental Death This Benefit provides an additional lump sum in the event of accidental death.
Benefit ceases at age 70.
Premium Options & Frequency

Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly, and Monthly

Frequency premium loads:
Monthly – up to 5%

Please note Premium frequency can only be changed at each policy anniversary. Payment Term Premiums are paid for the full term of the policy.

Non-payments may result in the cancellation of the policy

Policy Currency​                         

US Dollars, British Pounds Sterling and Euros.

The choice of policy currency automatically determines the currency in which the benefits will be stated and paid. Premiums must be paid in policy currency.

Minimum Premium Payment US $50 or the equivalent in Pounds Sterling or Euros.
(Applies to Annual & Monthly premiums)


*Limits and restrictions apply. Subject to policy terms and conditions.

Why should I purchase private insurance if my employer already provides me with coverage?

We believe it's a good idea to have private coverage for a variety of reasons. More often than not, the insurance provided by an employer is not enough, and if you leave your current employment, you may lose that coverage. 

What is the difference between Term Life and other insurance models?

Term Life is life insurance coverage for an agreed upon amount of time. Our coverage starts from a 5 year term all the way to a 30 year term. Other models include trusts, whole life, and decreasing terms. Typically term life is the most appropriate type of coverage, and is the most affordable option. 

How is my premium calculated?

The standard premium is based on age, gender, smoking status, nationality, country of residence, the period of cover and sum assured selected. Standard premiums could be improved by a person’s socio-economic score, based on education and level of income.

Is there medical underwriting?

Medical underwriting may be required, depending on the person's age, sum assured selected and where the person lives – all depending on the level of risk. The higher the risk, the more likely it is that medical underwriting will occur.

I enjoy outdoor activities, such as mountaineering, scuba diving, and other hobbies – would you still consider my application, and will I be covered?

Please complete the applicable questionnaire on our website so we can better understand how often you do this, where and under which conditions in order for us to assess the risk correctly.

How can I be sure my policy is secure?

Guardrisk Life International Limited issues all Unilife policies. Guardrisk is a wholly owned subsidiary of MMI Holdings, who is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. They have operations in 18 countries, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore, and employ over 17 500 staff worldwide. Both Guardrisk and MMI are rated ‘Aaa’ by Moody’s. 

Are there any hidden or additional fees?

No, your quoted premium is what you pay.

Can a third party own my policy?

Any related third party such as your spouse, your company or your trust can own your policy. If such a third party owns your policy, they will be recorded on your policy as the policyholder, while you will be recorded as the life assured.

Can a third party pay my premiums?

Any related third party such as your spouse, your company or your trust can pay the premiums. If they are recorded as the Policyholder, you don’t need to do anything further. If not, please complete a Third-party payer form, which can be found on your portal. 

How do I assign my policy to a third party?

Please complete a policy assignment form, which can be found on your portal. 

Can I appoint my Trust as a beneficiary?

The online application form provides for the appointment of beneficiaries. If you wish your Trust to be a beneficiary, simply record the Trust name in the relevant section.

Can I make changes to my beneficiaries?

You may at any time, and as often as you wish, appoint, change or remove as many beneficiaries as you like to your policy. To do this, please complete a Beneficiary Designation form available on your portal. The last updated nominations on record are assumed to be your appointed beneficiaries.

Do I have to appoint a beneficiary?

You may elect not to appoint any beneficiaries to your policy. In the absence of a will, it is generally preferable to have nominated beneficiaries to avoid legal difficulties that may arise if a claim is made. We would recommend that you discuss this with your personal financial planner.

In the case of a trust, we recommend that you seek advice from your personal financial planner for assistance and guidance based on your personal circumstances and needs.

Who should my beneficiary contact in the event of a claim?

Your beneficiaries should contact us and a Consultant Benefits representative will guide them through the process. Alternatively, please refer to the Individual claims process guide available on the website.

I have lost my policy document, what should I do?

Please contact us and we will provide you with a copy.

How do I change the sum insured on my policy?

Please contact us for assistance.

Can I buy more than one policy?

Yes you can. Please bear in mind, the additional cover applied for may be capped to comply with our maximum total benefits available. Please contact your financial advisor for advice in this regard.

Do I need to inform you if I move to a new country or change my occupation?

Once your Policy has started, and as long as you pay all your premiums when they fall due, it does not matter which changes you make to your country of residence, lifestyle, occupation or travel obligations; your premium and cover will remain unaffected. They are guaranteed to remain the same for the duration of the Policy Term.

It is a good idea to keep us informed with your contact details of all times and you must inform us of any change to your country of residence or your occupation.

Who do I contact if I am not entirely satisfied or have questions or concerns?

If you are not satisfied, please contact us either by telephone or email. We take client service and satisfaction very seriously and any concerns will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.  If you ever need to make a complaint about your policy, please contact us in the first instance, using the address or the contact numbers overleaf. Details of our complaint handling process are available upon request.

You also have the option to make your complaint to the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius. You should obtain a Complaints Form from their website and submit this, with any supporting evidence of your complaint, to The Chief Executive Financial Services Commission, FSC House, 54 Cybercity Ebene, Mauritius

Email: | Telephone +230 403 7000 | Fax +230 467 7172

Does the premium increase?

Once in force, any Unilife T100, Term Assurance or Decreasing Term Assurance premium is fixed and will not change throughout the term regardless of the country of residence, occupation and lifestyle changes.

What happens when I fail to make my premium payments?

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances beyond one's control, and we therefore provide a ninety (90) day grace period to make allowance for instances when you may not be able to pay your premiums on time. Any policy that exceeds 90 days in arrears will be cancelled, without any value. If you should die while your policy is in arrears but still in force, the policy benefits will be paid out, but we may deduct the overdue premiums from the policy benefits.

Is there Tax involved?

Any policy benefits paid will be paid to the beneficiary or beneficiaries without any deduction of tax. The tax treatment of any benefits taken from this policy will depend on the personal circumstances of the beneficiary or beneficiaries, including their country of residence at that time. We are unable to provide individual tax guidance and recommend that you always consult your financial adviser, insurance broker or tax adviser, particularly if you are in any doubt as to the extent to which you may be liable for any tax under this policy. If the policy is held in trust, then different taxation rules may apply.

The tax and legislative information contained in this document is based on Unilife Limited's understanding as of February 2017 and may change in the future.