International Life Insurance for Expatriates

international life insuranceWith 68 years of firsthand experience insuring individuals working or living outside of their home country, Clements Worldwide understands that your family’s financial protection is your top priority, especially should an untimely loss occur. For this reason, Clements offers international term life insurance, an essential coverage that protects your loved ones against future financial burdens.

With term options ranging from one to ten years, Clements’ portable term life insurance is suitable for all expatriates, especially for those with outstanding financial obligations, such as a mortgage, or dependents, such as children or a spouse.

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Enrollment in Clements’ term life insurance program ensures that the future financial needs of your family and loved ones are provided for should the unthinkable occur. Term life insurance benefits and features include*

  • No medical underwriting for policies up to USD 500,000*
  • Portable primary or supplemental policy that you can take with you whether you change jobs, retire, or move anywhere in the world*. The policy even applies if you return to your home country
  • Benefits as high as 10 times annual salary, up to USD 4 million
  • Low fixed premiums throughout the term of the policy
  • Coverage against death as a result of illness, accidents, and acts of war and terrorism*
  • Underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London

*Limits and restrictions apply. Subject to certain country restrictions. Coverage is excluded in the United States and Canada and their territories and possessions in addition to Iran, India, and North Korea. 

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 Available Limits                    10 times annual salary, up to USD 4 million 
 Application   Online enrollment form
 Premium Type  Fixed, for the duration of policy
 Premium Payments                            Flexible payment plans available
 Coverage Type
  • Death All Causes, including life ending events as a result of illness and accident, war, terrorism, and political violence 
  • Death Natural Causes only in high-risk areas (Iraq, Afghanistan, DRC, etc.)
 Exclusions  Suicide, death as a result of criminal act by insured, nuclear, chemical,  biological terrorism
 Term  Flexible, 1 to 10 year terms available
 Eligibility Age  18 - 65


Am I eligible for a term life insurance policy?

Expats as well as non-income earning spouses of expats between the ages of 18 to 65 are eligible. However, it is required that expats must be employed for a minimum of the first six months of the term life insurance policy.  

How much coverage should I get? 

According to the Life Insurance and Market Research Association, experts recommend having enough life insurance to replace income for 7 to 10 years, but each individual must calculate their beneficiaries’ future financial needs. Several factors (such as age, children, mortgage, income, etc.) must be considered to determine the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage. Clements Term Life offers a policy with no medical test required up to USD 500,000. For individuals requiring coverage over USD 500,000, a doctor’s medical report must be submitted for underwriting approval. Under our plan, coverage up to USD 4 million is available with 1 to 10 year terms.

How is pre-existing condition defined? 

A pre-existing condition as used herein, means a condition for which medical advice or treatment was recommended by or received from a physician or other health care practitioner at any time during the thirty (30) month period preceding the inception date of this Policy, or symptoms were present at any time during the thirty (30) month period preceding the inception date of this Policy, which symptoms would cause a reasonably prudent person to seek advice or treatment from a physician or other health care practitioner.

After my term life insurance application was accepted, how long will it take for me to receive proof of insurance?

Certificate of Insurance will be emailed within one business day. In addition, a hard copy can be mailed to you upon request.

For additional coverage, which other policies complement Clements’ term life insurance?

To further safeguard against risks, a Personal Accident policy is recommended. Beneficiaries can receive a death benefit in the event of the insured’s accidental death during a business trip, vacation, or while going about daily life. Policies can be written on a group or individual basis, and offer flexible coverage periods. Our coverage begins at USD 100,000 per person and can be increased up to USD 1 million. Please click here for more information on Personal Accident Insurance.

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