International Life and Disability Solutions

Clements Worldwide makes available to expatriates unique global life and disability solutions for organizations and individuals living and working outside of their country of citizenship. These unique solutions provide financial benefits, respectively, in case of death or the inability to work due to illness or accident.  Both are critical for financial peace of mind for individuals with families, private businesses, or other dependents that depend on their income. 

Working abroad comes with special risks that could increase the likelihood of a disabling event.  Depending on your location, you might be exposed to increased diseases and diminished sanitation that could affect your health.  The medical facilities available may not be of the same quality that you would find in your home country. 

Other risks include increased crime rates abroad, damaged roadways that lead to more accidents, and potential risk of political violence.

While all individuals, particularly those with dependents, should consider life and disability solutions, the imperative is even more urgent for those abroad.   

Life Benefits For Individuals
Membership Trust

international life insurance plans

With benefit options ranging from one to ten years, the Membership Trust is suitable for many expatriates, especially for those with outstanding financial obligations, such as a mortgage or dependents. The Trust membership entitles you [and your designated beneficiary] to financial disbursements upon loss of life.

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Group Life For Organizations 

worldwide life insurance plans

With over 70 years of firsthand experience insuring employees of organizations working outside of their home country, Clements Worldwide understands that your employee’s financial protection is a top priority.

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Disability For Individuals

overseas health insurance program for schools

Clements’ high-limit temporary and permanent disability insurance provides coverage to individuals and their families in the event of disablement.

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