International Term Life and Disability Insurance Plans

Clements Worldwide provides global term life and disability insurance for organizations and individuals who are living and working outside of their country of citizenship. These unique life and disability insurance programs address many of the challenges of relocating overseas and provides seamless worldwide protection.

Term Life For Individuals 

international life insurance plans

With term options ranging from one to ten years, Clements’ portable term life insurance is suitable for all expatriates, especially for those with outstanding financial obligations, such as a mortgage or dependents.

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Looking for Term Life Insurance in the UK? Learn about our UK Term Life policy.

Term Life For Organizations 

worldwide life insurance plans

With over 70 years of firsthand experience insuring employees of organizations working outside of their home country, Clements Worldwide understands that your employees financial protection is a top priority.

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Disability For Individuals

overseas health insurance program for schools

Clements’ high limit temporary and permanent disability insurance provides coverage to individuals and their families in the event of disablement.

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