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Employee Benefits

Providing the right benefits for your staff is key to your international school’s success. When your school provides a tailored and comprehensive benefits package, it can help you recruit, attract and retain top-tier international educators. Coverage includes matters like health and life insurance. Coverage Highlights Flexible coverage for all school staff (health) Coverage proportional to annual salary (life) Prescription drug, dental and vision (health) Low policy premiums (life) Mental health coverage (health)

International School Business Solutions

Our international school business solutions can insure your school against unforeseen risks and limit institutional harm. Coverage is available for vehicle fleets, business interruption, kidnap and ransom, travel accident and combined liability. Coverage Highlights Excess liability and personal accident coverage (vehicle fleet) Fixed costs coverage (business interruption) Coverage for staff abducted on school property (kidnap and ransom) Accident coverage for students and staff off school property (travel accident) Worldwide liability coverage in high-risk locations (combined liability)

Financial Lines for Schools

Keep your international school operational without financial disruptions. Whether those financial threats come from claims against school directors and officers (D&O) or a cyberattack, our financial lines solutions can provide peace of mind. Coverage Highlights Personal liability coverage for school administrators (D&O) Cybersecurity threats coverage (cyber liability) Coverage for errors in judgement claims (D&O) Covers crisis management costs (cyber liability) Coverage for unauthorized payment claims (D&O)

We work with you to build a customized, seamless policy based on your location, size, assets, number of staff and students, and your budget.


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Personal Insurance for Teachers & Educators

Offer More to Your School Staff

Help your international school staff to properly protect themselves and their valuable possessions by educating them about international personal insurance options for teachers and the educator community. We'd be happy to provide your staff with more information and provide informational brochures.