Are You Protected Against Winter Holiday Risks?
  Time to Think About Insurance 

Steeped in festive traditions, the holiday season is unfortunately proven to be a time of increased risks. To help protect your home, your car, and, most importantly, your family against holiday-related risks, Clements Worldwide provides important safety tips:  

Automobile Risks: Majority of travelers will drive to their holiday destinations, resulting in highly congested roadways. Take these extra precautions to avoid driving hazards:

Since the ideal safety measure is to stay off the roads entirely, consider if your journey is absolutely necessary before setting out in the snow and ice. If driving is unavoidable, check with weather advisories and stay safe with slower speeds, gentler stops and turns, and increased following distances.

Home Risks:  From a week-long visit with family to a night out at a holiday party, homes are often left unoccupied this time of year. Clements advises families to be extra vigilant and take these precautions:

When it comes to protecting against intruders, start with securing your home's entry points and arming your security alarm system. Also, make arrangements to have your house appear occupied: get automatic timers for lights, have a neighbor shovel snow, and suspend mail and newspaper delivery.

Home fires are another major risk due to fireplaces and decorative Christmas lights- remember to unplug holiday lights before leaving the house and to never leave an unsupervised, lit fireplace.

Travel Risks: With millions of people expected to travel internationally over the next several weeks, overseas trips are anticipated to be nothing but fun and enjoyment. However, travelers can face a range of unpredictable risks, from relatively minor (pickpockets) to extremely dangerous (political protest). Clements recommends these safety tips for international travelers:

Before departing for your trip, check travel advisories by referring to the British or US government websites. Here you can learn if you are traveling to a country with warnings and take the appropriate precautions. During your trip, avoid an unnecessary high-profile appearance by leaving the fancy luggage, jewelry, and brand names at home. And, as always, pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of your belongings at all times.

Know if you are covered:
Because of the increased likelihood of damage or losses this time of year, financial experts say the holidays are a good time to reassess your family's financial protection to make sure you are adequately covered for life's unforeseen events.

Don't be a victim of these common holiday risks: Contact our dedicated team of insurance specialists today and give yourself peace of mind this holiday season with seamless coverage from Clements Worldwide.  

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