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Clements Worldwide Newsletter September 2015

New Clements Worldwide Risk Index Shows Political Risk and Instability As Top Managers' Concerns


Political unrest is the number one concern among top global managers at multinational organizations and NGO's, according to the "Clements Worldwide Risk Index,"  a new survey from Clements Worldwide.


Twenty-eight percent of top managers surveyed stated political unrest was their top concern, while 25 percent cited kidnapping, and nearly 10 percent cited terrorism. Twenty-one percent of respondents had delayed plans to expand into new countries due to rising international risks.


"Such concern about political risks abroad confirms the need for companies to better assess their exposures worldwide," said Chris Beck, president of Clements Worldwide.  


To see the complete survey results and learn more about the survey, go to:


Those living and working in the United States know there are certain practices that are standard operating procedure, such as shaking hands when meeting someone new, trading business cards, and conducting business. When doing business abroad, however, the rules change and, if you want to be successful, you need to recognize these as your new normal. Knowing and observing international business customs is important to develop successful business relationships and avoid embarrassment. Learn this list of the most important business customs abroad to ensure a positive international business experience.

How does your experience abroad compare with others? 
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Although some companies believe that Kidnap & Ransom is only a risk for large corporations, all businesses, universities, and nonprofits are at risk. "Organizations need to realize that once employees are on the ground working in emerging markets, their risks of a kidnapping related event has increased," said Kevin Pedone, a sales executive for Clements Worldwide. 

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